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  • SAHS

    Don’t forget the old classic:

    . [There has never been a human baby born from a monkey; therefore, humans couldn’t have evolved from monkeys.]

    However, as most of us no doubt already know, humans and “monkeys” are both primates. In other words, it’s not that humans came from primates, but, rather, humans ARE primates!

  • cofty
    evolution is as far as we know Gods best work

    Evolution has no need for a god.


    [Some complex structure in living organisms described]

    [I can't imagine how this could be the product of evolution]

    [Therefore God created it]..................Rebuttal?

    Image result for groucho marx I took a train once but they made me give it back

  • cofty

    BRJ - WTF?

  • Big Red Jake
    Big Red Jake

    cofty, Christians believe God brought life to Earth. Once we leave the Earth as we must as out planet in finite not infinite we become travelers in search of new homes, which we will have to bring a food web to. The food web is the cycle of life, we are about to colonize Mars, there are already thousands of people waiting to go. The rockets are being tested right now. http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasas-space-launch-system-booster-passes-major-milestone-on-journey-to-mars It's reality not fiction, once even the smallest microbe is engineered to live on the Red Planet, we are God to that........................


  • cofty

    Only if you want to use words carelessly.

    Christians believe there is only one god - the god and father of Jesus christ.

    Scientists are not gods by any sensible definition of the word.

  • cofty
    God created us in his image, which would give us his genetic ability

    What do you mean by "genetic ability"?

    would we not be the creators of life on Mars if we can do that?

    No. Why would we engineer new organisms when earth is teeming with millions of species already, many of whom thrive in the most extreme environments?

    would not that life no matter how simple be able to become self aware by Darwinist evolutionary theory?

    No. Bacteria and archaea have been on earth for 4 billion years. They show no signs of becoming self-aware

    he first astronaut to set foot on the planet will be highly evolved life, not microbes, so Darwin's theory is dead at this point.

    How did you make that connection? An astronaut goes to Mars and somehow that disproves evolution!

  • 2+2=5

    I love my kids incredibly and there is no way such a special bond can be explained by science. It's God.

    Even if it can be explained by science, I won't be listening, I am still going to say God because I have a strong emotional connection to my beliefs.

  • cofty
    I won't be listening ... because I have a strong emotional connection to my beliefs.

    If only more believers were as honest.

  • A Ha
    A Ha
    Even if it can be explained by science, I won't be listening,

    Well, I guess thanks for the honesty.

    Edit: my pony is not as evolutionarily fit as cofty's pony

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