How many Witnesses would drink the cool aid at a "Jonestown?"

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    So my mum died from mild form of lukemia which can simply be treated with a blood transfusion each month. To me this was a Watchtower assisted suicide. The liaison Elder encouraged her to "stay strong" and said a prayer. So in a great tribulation like Jonestown where "the government was coming at any minute" I think some Witnesses would drink the poison cool aid....they already do with the no blood policy.

  • pale.emperor

    I know my mum would. In fact, she'd take two just to pove how holier than the rest of them she is.

    My sisters would too.

    I'd reckon at least a third of the rank and file.

  • Tameria2001

    I'm pretty sure my mom would.

  • Biahi

    I don't think my mom would. She has a lot of cognitive dissonance. Plus me hammering at some of their lunacy. 😄

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping
    I don't think my mom would. She has a lot of cognitive dissonance. Plus me hammering at some of their lunacy. 😄

    You just described perfectly, what I did with my parents. Little by little I kept hammering at the lunacy of the organization. My dad stepping down as an elder was the first step. My mom not pioneering was the second, and now, they don't go to the meetings.

    Not sure how they really feel inside, but I know they wouldn't drink the kool aid.

  • Giordano

    In Jonestown.......... Jim Jones began to raise the lunacy level with a serious drug dependence as he became a mentally deranged person.

    This level of crazy called for his Jonestown followers to 'practice drinking the poisoned Kool Aid' (to be accurate it was a fruit drink) . He would station his armed guards around the complex/village and have them fire guns to increase the sense of urgency.

    After an 8 or ten hour work day in the jungle heat these weary people were called to gather together and practice drinking a faux poisoned fruit juice under the watchful eye of Jim Jones and his obedient criminal guards.

    Does this have anything to do with the JW's? the JW followers have been 'conditioned' to accept the 'wisdom of the WTBTS. To gain god's blessing.... allow your self to die.

    Jonestown for a JW is not accepting a life saving blood transfusion. So each and every year since 1945 JW's die by many each year, if not a lot more as died in Jonestown that one time.

    The JW takes to heart the advice of their Elders......... of course there is a penalty of being DF if you accept blood.........bye bye family and friends.

    The congregational HLC brother(s) that is counseling a sick or dying JW will be the same person cleaning the windows in that hospital a week later. He is more then likely to be under educated and really doesn't give a shit other then holding on to his position.

    Google images of Jonestown to see what the aftermath looked like. View it at your own discretion. These are the same people you would have seen at a JW assembly.

    You will not see this with the JW's because their collective deaths do not take place in a field .......out in the open. It takes place in hospitals or their private bedrooms. Like Jonestown they would have died in the arms of loving but misguided families.

    It's really only a matter of degrees, dying by drinking poison in a field or being coerced by your local congregation and Elders. Less immediate terror.........same anguish and out come.

    If you can handle it .........look at the family's that drank the poison and died together in one another's arms.

    Google Jonestown to totally understand how ugly and deceptive the WT blood policy is..

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Maybe. Maybe not. The reason I say that is if there is money to be made the cult will not do this. But on the other hand since the GB has replaced God and Jesus to themselves it could happen. As bad as Jonestown was it was less than 1000 people who did drank the cool aid compared to the wt. Cult there is 8,000,000 who would have to do it. By that most likely not. What I feel will happen the wt. will split into 2 or 3 religion's. Then the crazy thinking will spread even more. Still Totally ADD

  • Vidiot

    Cedars did a poll a while back for active JWs willing to participate (anonymously I presume), and a disturbing percentage admitted that they'd take an unidentified pill if the GB asked 'em to.

  • Simon

    I doubt many would, it's simply not that kind of cult and I don't take anonymous polls seriously when the majority of visitors are exJWs who want to paint the group in a negative light at every opportunity.

    With Jonestown, they were conditioned to drink it. They had fake drills over and over to practice it. Maybe the people who drank it started to believe it would never be for real but it wasn't just a one off "hey everyone, let's drink suicide juice".

    If the WTS ever starts training programmes where people learn how to 1. obtain 2. distribute and 3. drink lethal poisons then claims that they might do it for real would be justified but until then I think we can relax and tone down the invented sensationalism a bit.

  • redvip2000

    Also, another factor to be considered here is that unlike Jonestown, the JW cult is predicated on following the writings of the iron age fairytale book. So if the GB pulled a edict out of their ass about drinking a poison concoction, they would have to make some serious gymnastics to then support that with the fairytale book.

    I know the GB are pretty good at selective interpretation, but this might be a tough one even for them, considering what they have been teaching about end of the world, and the views on suicide. However, I would say that at least a small percentage of JWs would blindly just follow whatever they say and drink it, especially perhaps the older ones who might be close to dying anyway.

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