The official relationship between Jehovahs Witnessses and the Watchtower? I'm confused.

by Joliette 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    Jehovah's Witnesses bare the mark of a false prophet/profit .

    The WTS leaders were capable to mentally entrap and coerce people into their own subservient slaves for their own means and purpose, not God's or Jesus's since this organization went beyond what is written and were disobedient to his word.

    This organization posed itself as a true version of worship and pointed out other Christian based faiths as being false but in reality the WTS also inspired itself to be false.

  • rebel8
    I am more so against the watchtower then anything.... I'm not against Jehovahs Witnesses as a group. Can anyone explain this to me?

    "JW as a group" are "the WT". Who is the WT if it is not JWs?

    To me, it is like saying, "I am against the organization who sets up dog fights but I am not against the dog fighters as a group."

  • kaik
    The WT is a subset of JW. One cannot exist with the another. While the den mother/imperial aristocracy vs slaves view holds, it is rather a symbiotic relationship where one justifies the existence of another. WT cannot survive without millions of its followers, while JWs would not follow indoctrination if they did not had WT to sign up for. It is like distinguishing between communist Politburo and masses that were in communist party. Every member of the Politburo was a communist, like everyone in WT all they way to the top is a JW.
  • Vidiot

    OneEyedJoe - "I told my father that I could no longer conscientiously support the watchtower society in any way, and his immediate response was 'we all have to prove to ourselves that Jehovah is real'."


    That's like saying "I'm no longer Republican" and getting the response "but Ronald Reagan existed!"

    Contextually, the response is really only marginally related to the initial statement.


    I would have countered with "uh... what does supporting the WTS have to do with 'proving God real'? Does not supporting the WTS somehow cast doubt on God's existence?"


  • Vidiot

    Joliette - "The official relationship between Jehovahs Witnesses and the Watchtower? I'm confused..."

    Basically, Jehovah's Witnesses are the Watchtower's collective bitch.

  • Finkelstein

    What's unusual for the JWS religion is that its spiritual leaders/ headship are also the head editorial writers for the Watchtower Publishing house.

    JWs are its allured and coerced self designated public sales representatives for this religious publishing house.

    When your a JWS you ae measured how spiritually righteous you are by how much time and devotion you express in publicly distributing the WTS's publications and is seen as a visible devotional act to Jehovah the almighty God that will soon destroy all mankind who are not in a obedience to his chosen earthly organization , the Watchtower Corporation. .

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