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    I sure will !!

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    Lady Lee

    After I left the borg I was very confused by spirituality (not that I wasn't while I was in or that I have figured it out yet)

    I remember taking a course in university and one of my profs whom I considered to be a very spiritual person told me that she could see that I was a very spiritual person. I think up to that point I confused spirituality with religion. So I started to give it some thought.

    I feel most connected to me when I am connected to nature. I love trees and water around me. I adore great sunsets. I get a sense of inner peace being surrounded by rolling hills and tall trees. I really miss the border area between Quebec and Ontario. It feels like home to me. I love the sound of the wind in poplar tress and water trickling over stones or pounding on a shore.

    When I have these things near me I feel peaceful inside. I can listen to the little voice in me that warns me when I am getting into trouble and not living ethically. The voice lets me know what I need to be doing and listening to.

    I believe we all have an inner guide. Some have never heard it. Others ignore it. I know when I ignore it I get into a lot of trouble and wind up getting hurt.

    My inner guide lets me know that no matter what I will be OK because I have lots of strength.

    Some people refer to the inner guide as a higher power, or God, or their gut reaction to things.

    However it is defined or whatever label we choose to put on it, I know I need to listen carefully. I know that if I do this I will be OK

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    Lady Lee


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