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  • ollied28


    I was wondering if someone could tell me where I might find the example of a young JW standing in front of the class to (boldly) defend creation vs. evolution.

    I would like to contrast it with the example from the "Bible Teach" book about the student challenging the teacher,

    I believe there was an illustration of a young boy standing up in the classroom for his "beliefs".


  • smiddy

    Try using the search option in the top bar on the right.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    There is one in the "Bearing Witness" book, Page 145.

    If you look at this photo, it shows "evidently" a young brother in front of the class with the teacher looking on in deep thought. The funny thing is there is a chemical equation on the board which has a mistake in it. So none of these smart JW kids posing as students, nor the JW guy posing as the teacher have spotted the mistake!


  • pale.emperor

    The funny thing is, Watchtower are guilty of this themselves.

    When a JW questions "new light" or refuse to accept a new teaching they get DF'd.

    Much like a teacher dismissing a pupil from class without offering the student the chance to test the idea.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I remember doing that in high school biology class. I got in front of the class and read my paper on creationism out loud. The teacher gave me an A even though he believed in evolution.

  • ollied28

    Thanks for replies. That's helpful.

  • bohm

    This is going to be a bit obscure, but on the back of a ca. 2012 (ISH!) watchtower there is a plug for the old Creation book about a young girl who stands up to her biology teacher using the book.

  • Simon
    The teacher gave me an A even though he believed in evolution

    Good teacher - marking on effort rather than personal opinion.

    How many religiot teachers would do the same the other way?

  • smiddy

    bohm ,that is the one I was thinking of ,however using the search option I came up empty.I`m sure it wasnt too long ago surely within the past year or two.

    Was it also on U-Tube ?

  • bohm

    Smiddy: no this one was way older. I know because i was living at my old place so it must have been at least five years. Actually i would guess 2010. But I got a feeling they are reprinting this stuff all the time

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