Stupid things happen - Bethelite guarantees 16-year old visitor-girls bethel-admission

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Just watching this video about a bethel member, single again - gives advice at morning worship.
    He tries to convince young 16 year old girls who visit bethel and eat in the cafeteria to marry him.
    He offers the full blessings as wife of a prince in the new world and gives arguments that speak
    for a fast decision... shocking stupidy.

    In another video of ex-bethelite (how women are treated) a bethel ELDER is mentioned who talked to brothers at the table and gave advice abouth marriage and said that it would be the best to marry a women when is as young and pretty as possible, (at 8:45) so you have the possibilty to TRAIN her and to MODE her in to what you want and get HER USED in the roles you set for her..... other bethelits made big errors and married older women 24,25.women that would have their own concepts of what bethel or marriage should be. All guys were smiling and agreeing. Women who have a lot of MOUTH, ATTITUDE and OPINON.

    That contradicts the bible!.

    The bethel elders are USING their women as willingful pretty puppets, and USING is the first step to "misuse". They not only disobey Christs command for marriage but teach young brother to USE their wifes.!

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    When I was at Bethel it was SUPER common for bethelites to date girls in that 15-17 year old bracket.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    What a sickening attitude. As far as women and Christianity go, I found that the viewpoint in this online article shed 'new light' on things, if you'll pardon the expression:

    Enjoy . . .

  • Saename

    If a guy in his mid-twenties dates a teenager, there is something wrong with him. Granted, this does not apply to all cases, but in this context... Well, let's just say that this is sick.

  • Listener
    It's another sign of a cult when you see sexual exploitation.
  • stuckinarut2


  • Vidiot

    What is it with some guys always wanting to live life like the f**king Dark Ages???

  • HiddlesWife

    Thank you TheWonderofYou for this posting!

    The very sick mindset of men like these are tantamount to those who are child molesters/pedophiles! They think that the only good "women" are those who are actually not legal to get married--they want to have a relationship with children, and not grown/adult women! Like I said, the above thoughts of theirs is stinkin' thinkin'; and this verifies the child abuse issues that is prevalent within the BORG. SHIESTY!

  • tiki

    All I can say is any parent who allows their teenager to get married is very very stupid. Let the kid grow up and find out who they are and what they really want out of a relationship. Teenagers are not at that level of maturity.

    As for the jerks who want a female slave.....well my opinion of them is best left unsaid.....

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, they want to have a relationship with a child not a woman. Sounds just like FLDS and a certain another religion I don't need to mention. I always noticed certain JW men had serious issues with adult women with a brain.

    They want to train them young...In these religions sometimes a young girl is lucky and gets stuck with somebody who doesn't hit her. The whole thing sounds revolting.

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