Did anyone here ever meet Stephen Lett?

by The Real Edward Gentry 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • The Real Edward Gentry
    The Real Edward Gentry

    What is he like in person? He seems deranged. Do people get irritated at being spoken to like a 3 year old when they hear him speak?

  • pontoon

    I used to go out in service with him when he served my congregation as CO. Actually had an OK time with him. Was probably one of the better COs. Most of them I don't even remember, Lett I do.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    I actually met him once, an acquitance of mine who was a former Bethelite took me to Brooklyn Bethel a little before they had closed up shop. We were in one of the buildings (can't remember which one) and while waiting for the elevator the doors opened and he was in it wearing a Hawaiian floral shirt and a drink in his hand and he just smiled at us, he wasn't expecting to bump into people I guess and I most certainly wasn't expecting to bump into him. I thought it was a pretty funny moment, what made it funnier was moments later I actually met Gerrit Loesch and shook hands with him. So I saw one GB member up close and actually met one, on the same day.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I met him years ago and thought he was very nice. Maybe a little to good to be true...I was impressed that he remembered people's names...But, then again, maybe he remembered my name because I was a topic of discussion among the elders: "See, that's Sister Fulltime Job who doesn't pioneer and doesn't do favors for all the users."☺️

  • steve2

    In an organization where one rotund drone sounds like another, let's give Mr Lett his due:

    His vocal mannerisms, facial grimacing and eye-popping stamp him as unique. Look at the oozing contempt when he's dirtied his thin little mouth with words like "Apostates" and "Inactive Ones". Good thing he has the mouthwash on hand.

    You'd recognize Mr Lett instantly, anywhere, any place. Ever notice he is also trimmer of physique than his oversized GB buddies? I can see him reaching 90 plus...unfortunately.

    Mr Lett is his own perfect caricature; decades of feedback on the old Theocratic Ministry School have not altered his delivery style one iota. This man is a jaw unto himself.

    I should imagine if you took a youtube video of Mr Lett and added a laugh track, you'd have an instant hit. Any offers?

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I met him when he was a CO back in the 80's. It was my very first meeting and I mentioned to him that I was interested in the Bible. He shook my hand and with his eyes bucked out real big said, Yeah, the Bible!! Don't remember much else, just his facial expression though, I thought wow!

  • scratchme1010

    Fuck No!

  • Gayle

    He was my book study conductor at Bethel Heights Congregation within the Bethel building (107) in '69 while I was in 'primary' for 6 months, assigned to Grenwich Village book study group (assigned with 4 or 5 other new Bethelites,). He didn't have such facial expressions back then. Actually I was shocked to see how he is now in recent videos. He was pleasant, not arrogant, I think about 21 yrs old then & a partaker already. I chuckle now how It must have been a site for 6 young suited guys and me, 1 female, taking the subway and walking down Grenwich Village streets.

    Long ago.

  • steve2

    Gayle, your memories remind me of a fond song I recall from Kris Kristoferson, "I knew Jesus before he was a carpenter".

    To think you were so very close to such an important human!

  • lancegalahadx

    I met him in 2005 at a district conv; bumped into him after about an hour after the progam was over. Talked to him for a few minutes; didn't notice anything unusual at that time. He sure has changed.

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