WT pays 1.55 million $

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  • rocketman
    After paying Anthony $21,000 in fees and on the first day of trial, the Jehovah's Witnesses opted to settle too.

    I wonder how many jws realize that their donations are being used for stuff like this.

  • obiwan

    $1 billion dollars of accumulated assets.

    I certainly hope all those who have cases against the wts see that dollar amount.

    Can you say partay!

  • benext

    I would not be surprised to find these were insurance dollars.

  • gcc2k

    I actually disagree with this case/settlement. If the driver had been working for a trucking company, which required him to drive a certain number of hours (ie, he was working), fine. But to sue a religious organization because of a simple accident, which had nothing to do with that organization, is plain wrong. It's up there with suing McDonalds for a hot cup of coffee dropped in ones lap.

  • reporter
    It's up there with suing McDonalds for a hot cup of coffee dropped in ones lap.

    I used to think as you did re: this infamous McDonald's case. I used to consider this a frivolous case also.

    But over time, I've changed my mind about tort-reform, and I feel now that it is our last line of defence against corporations' misdeeds. Specifically, giving corporations 'personhood' and 'human rights' is risky and open to abuse and misbehavior. They must be held responsible for their actions, too, especially when many of these firms are going global. Similarly, the use of lawsuits should be an effective tool to reign in the corporate misdeeds of the publishing corporation known as the WTBTS. Remember, the WTS will spare no expense to guard ITS rights and privileges!

  • jgnat

    I agree with this settlement. A Bethelite is essentially a volunteer-employee of the Watchtower Society, and therefore the Watchtower Society is also liable for damages that the volunteer-employee may do while under their employ. My employer is similarly liable for anything I might do on their time.

    If a McDonald's employee accidentally slapped a customer in the face with a burger, while under their employ, you betcha McDonald's would be sued, not merely the employee.

  • NeonMadman

    Wow. I used to live in Milford, CT, where this case was heard. The courthouse in question is where my divorce case (from my JW ex-wife) took place. Nice to see that the WTS got screwed in the same building that I did...

  • reporter

    CLICK HERE to hear an interview on the Thom Hartmann program with Joanne Doroshow on the McDonald's coffee case, and the tobacco settlements.

    Urging people and reporters to get the correct FACTS before forming opinions on so called "frivolous" lawsuits, and not to begrudge legal fees to trial lawyers who help plaintiffs who win large settlements, which are the result of sacrifce and long records of losing streaks on similar cases, wherein these lawyers work without getting paid...

    If the WTS is ready and eager to file lawsuits for ITS interests such as human rights or religious freedom issues, or the right to go door-to-door unimpeded, or hiding behind "copyrights" to prevent embarrasing information from being posted on the Internet, then, they are fair game as far as I am concerned.

    Consider the FACTS of this case carefully, before dismissing it as "frivolous". If it happened to your own family, perhaps you may be of a different opinion. The WTBTS is a corporation like few others, because it has taken the mantle of spiritual guidance in people's lives, and exerts a cultic influence in those lives.

  • Gerard

    The settlement was posted back in June. Good comments:


  • metatron

    The BEAUTY of this legal action is the threat it imposes on them.

    It puts pressure on all Bethelites generally. It might have even been a motivation to move printing away from Brooklyn.

    Any 'cannon fodder' newboy can get them in big trouble. Now, all we need is to put elders in the same category

    (who they appoint and and remove) and REALLY nail them.


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