JW leadership hypocrisy 1975

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  • fulano

    What comfortable life long Hair gal?? Working at Bethel ? You are joking arent you? I wouldnt work there again not even for 200k a year. You don't know what your saying.

  • LongHairGal


    Go back and read my post thoroughly and not just skim over it.... I was referring to the local congregations and not some poor guy low on the totem pole in bethel.

    I am referring to older selfish, affluent bastards in CONGREGATIONS who were pushing poverty for somebody ELSE.

  • Finkelstein

    When one looks at the new HQ in Warwick we can see that the WTS doesn't really believe in poverty.

    Take a look at this GB member, does he look like he believes or adheres to a vow of poverty ?

  • fulano

    Thats all kitsch, the whole outfit isn't worth more than a 1000 $

  • Drearyweather
    WT leadership were not acting according to the propaganda they were disseminating in 1975

    Half Banana,

    That's were a distinction needs to be made between the individual leaders and the WT org as an entity.

    For a honest JW, all individuals, including the leaders in the WT working in Bethel were spiritual people who left everything behind to work in Bethel. What would have been more appropriate than to be found working in the house of God while the end was coming? Since you spoke about JW leaders looking for profits, I asked - Do you have any information that the individual leaders and their families during the 1975 era made personal wealth and gains while individual JW's outside Bethel were selling their belongings?

    Regarding the investments made in 1975, honest JW's thought that Jehovah was directing the organization, and all decisions, including property investments were made by the organization for furthering Kingdom interests. JW's back then, and even now believe that they would be continuing their education work in paradise and possibly Jehovah will use some of their existing properties in the new world.

    And that's the main reason there was no mass exodus in 1975, like the one in 1914 and afterwards. May be people joining the JW's are mentally prepared for such doomsday debacles, since 1975 was not their first prediction.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes people who don't think deeply can keep returning to pat the same dog which keeps biting them.

    I am not attempting to indict any individual, it is the JW culture which is an enormous confidence trick being played on millions of decent people by the GB: offering everlasting life to the poor and less educated, demanding they don't get educated and instead waste their lives on a snake oil religion lured by a never to be realized promise.

    It is a scam, like early Christianity was and the men responsible today are those at the top of the corporate JW tree. They perpetuate the deception because without a doubt the GB are the only obvious beneficiaries-- however ordinary their lives actually are. Consider them: the prestige of being CEOs, adulation from the flock, property security, health care, plenty of first class international travel to exotic places, no material concerns at all!

    Contrast this with the common flock of Jehovah's Witnesses, they are constantly reminded of their role, idealized in relentless Watchtower propaganda as a lowly self sacrificing uneducated drone, whilst giving their very lives to the JW org. The little people have to work hard often in menial jobs, they do not receive free housing to a five star hotel standard, they have to earn their keep and they must do what they are told.

    However, whether a member of the privileged GB or a mere little person, no witness has ever nor will ever in the future be given the rewards promised by the organisation.

    All who consider themselves to be a Jehovah's Witness except the governing body, are haplessly embroiled in a life wasting scam.

  • fulano

    Five star standard? Don't think so. Would you like to travel all the time? Let me tell you, I travel every month more than 15000 miles, intercontinantel, I HATE IT!!Would you like to work 40 hours a week when you are 80? I don't think so. It is so childish always talk about the life of the GB. If they were millionairs. No, they are just as blinded as the whole bunch of believers.

  • Bugbear

    I think that in good old Italian bookkeeping there are two sides of the business. The first side is income statement, and the other is balance sheet. The first is showing cash coming in and going out.. The other shows the overall result and the total assets that the Company/business has achieved during a longer period.

    I think that the money from all these “sell outs” is immediately transferred to The Watchtower INC. in Pennsylvania, and their capital trustees specialists, consolidating the watchtower treasure fonds such as the Henrietta Riley fond and others. These people are eager to increase their fond values, because they normally get paid in percent of the increasing value.

    I don´t know if any of the GB members is invited to eat a bit of cake, but I do know that this corporation is registered as a none profitable organization and therefore tax exempted according to US law. This is the same layout as those in Panamapapers and recently the Malta papers.

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