Need a Caleb&Sophia-doll?

by crazy_flickering_light 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • konceptual99

    "We made these so our kids would have wholesome toys" = "We've seen ministyideaz and others making money from JW type shit and want some of that action".

  • Ame SF
    Ame SF


    please no one give this to me as a gift.

  • freddo

    Toy Story 4

    Door closes and Sophia and Caleb come to life.

    Sophia: "Oh no! We're gonna get dragged off to another boring meeting."

    Caleb: "Let's jump out of the window into the yard and the bully next door can find us and destroy us!"

    Sophia: "Yep! Gotta be better than a lifetime of meetings and ministry."

    They hold hands and leap to their doom.

    Maybe that's just a bit too dark for a young audience!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    That's demonic! Like the walking Smurf doll!

  • Worldling9

    I want a Kevin doll.

  • smiddy

    It sounds like opportunistic JW`s who see an avenue to exploit their position in the religion to cash in on an opportunity as apparently others have done in the past.

    I wonder if the GB comes down on them about copyright or something with this one , or if they get a commission for each sale .


  • redpilltwice

    You can survive Armageddon by avoiding demonic dolls, such as Sparlock.

    Instead, CALEB AND SOPHIA are a fine provision, approved and tested by Tony III himself!

    Children, you know what to do....

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