"There are many gods and many lords"

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Yes, the bible says it and the Jehovah's Witnesses believe it. Yet how did I get stuck with so long the mean, angry and jealous one? The guy that had no problem killing off all the men, women children and even their farm animals because he was so pissed off most the time.

    Have you ever wondered why there are no Amalekites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites today?

    Yes. the happy god decided to wipe them all out.

    That why if you notice I never use a large "G" as in God I always use a small g because of all the gods and lords this guy is one of the smallest in my book.

  • eyeuse2badub

    G.O.D. as in Guardians Of Doctrine? Yes there are many. I believe that the number is now 8!

    just saying!

  • BethSarim Is My Name
    BethSarim Is My Name

    Hey you are free to believe what you may... I didn't get it before until I reviewed Genesis 6... basically the gods and small lords all came down in an incursion to genetically modify us.

    Sound scifi? Just research on a world level all the myths... the titans & nephilim really walked the earth. The book of Enoch talks even more in depth.

    Genetically altered humans and societies that willfully chose to go with them were indeed wiped out by the Happy God, why... well... order. Each according to it's kind... hybrid humans are a real threat to regular original man.

    It makes sense.

    To this day they continue their agenda, transhumanism, alien probing etc etc, thus the bible does say as in the days of noah so hall the last days be, he wasn't referring to the lifestyle of ignoring God... nope sir, it was about all flesh (physical human tissue) was corrupted (changed) and those titans were violent, flesh and blood eating oppressors.

    From what I gather the world in Noah's day looked like a chapter of LOTR... that makes way more sense to me. So yeah God purged the face of the earth... but only the surface... water beings still remained and the nations in Canaan (look at their own stories and myths) were BIG on getting power from mystical water beings through.. you guessed it SEX...

    Listen, you can of course choose to ignore all this, after all it took me years of reading and reviewing to see these things.

    The way it looks to me was God created different beings with free will, but different purposes. And some of them saw the fun features humans had and decided to take those on. It could be that, it's also something else... Lucifer was given princely rulership BEFORE he went into rebellion, he was the master of the realm, like in pirrage or like a Vassal king under the rulership of God and Jesus, but he decided to try and take authority for himself. Don't you think this Vassal King had his own army and supporters? And they are higher beings than humans and they still maintain claim over areas, called strongholds, where humans are expected to give sacrifices in exchange for favors... like safe passage over the water.

    Thing is... none of them are really in power, sure they can make it look like they are in charge, much like a militia can pester the civillians in an area and demand payment or food... pillage and kill... but they are acting OUTSIDE their authority... but since most humans don't know, care to know or recognize the true authority, they fall down and do the bidding of these rogue agents.

    It's like paying toll to a dude from a rebel extremist group just because he is there waving a gun. Maybe you will choose to do it to survive, but they have no right and you could step in and cast them out in the name of Jesus, he gave us the same authority on earth as he has in heaven, because all those gods know their true place and the judgement coming.

    it has been us humans who lost our identity and who we belong with... playing for the damn orcs in a conquest against our very future...

    all the other gods not answering to Jesus are bottomline low ranking orcs and all the nations go around mixing with them using magic and kneeling to them.

    It's time humans woke up to their true place... dangit... WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD not Satan & his underling minions... the damn dragon & serpent... yea dragon like in GOT.. sheesh.

  • redvip2000
    Genetically altered humans and societies that willfully chose to go with them were indeed wiped out by the Happy God, why... well... order. Each according to it's kind... hybrid humans are a real threat to regular original man.

    Hey this board already has a conspiracy nutty to entertain us. His name is WTWizard. I'm not sure we have room for more.

  • BethSarim Is My Name
    BethSarim Is My Name

    I didn't know I was posting for your comfort or entertainment, disgaree? keep scrolling.

    But this WTWizard does sound like I might wanna read what he thinks. Hey you can stay in the material realm and believe the "official" narrative... that's okay, your choice.

    I won't judge ya

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