Fade Away Music Video, Randy M's Daughter...great song, great voice

by goingthruthemotions 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • goingthruthemotions

    I want to share this music video i came across while surfing youtube, this song is just a great song and it expresses how jw's are such fake people and fake friends.


    she is an amazing singer!!!!!

  • John Free
    John Free

    Hi goingthrough!

    Thanks for sharing, watchtower certainly cause a lot of pain...It shattered my family, and many thousands of others.

  • goingthruthemotions

    thanks John Free... I am sorry. I believe this cult has to be the most destructive thing on the planet.

    how did i ever get involved in this thing. it has done so much damage to my marriage.

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