This is the FIRST TIME I Didn't Get an Invitation To The Memorial!

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    I used to get invitations to the Memorial..

    From obnoxious JW`s who were convinced they would live forever..


    They Died..
    Image result for Tombstone bye

  • sparrowdown

    I had two witnesses come to the door to ask "if I wanted an invitation."

    First off wtf? If I "want"an invitation???!!! They know me. I am a baptized witness from the congregation.

    I asked why I needed an invitation at all since I am not DFed nor DAed don't I already have an open invitation to the KH?

    He just mumbled yes of course and squirmed turned an interesting shade of vermillion. I thanked him for coming but assured him that I keep up to date from the website and I know I can go to the hall whenever I choose.

  • Pittsburgh tim
    Pittsburgh tim

    Been out since 1992 but always got invited by my family. This year not a peep from them. So glad too just cannot stomach the religion any longer!

  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    First year for me too.

    Even my 'friend', who is an elder, would normally bend over backwards to persuade me to come... this year nothing!

    Quite a relief really :)


  • ScenicViewer
    ScenicViewer: It was the first year for me too. There is an older couple in the congregation, wife is a pioneer, that would always mail me an invitation, but not this year.

    I have to take it back. Yesterday (4-20-17) I received the invitation from the usual couple, many days late, which was postmarked 4-6-17.

    I guess there are two possibilities here, one being that the Post Office dropped the ball and delivered 14 days after the postmark even though the sender and I are in the same small town.

    Second is that the couple have identified me on here, noticed my post, and sent the invitation late. The brother told me many years ago about how he backdated the postage machine in his office to send the IRS his tax return so it would appear to be on time even though it was actually late - it's the postmark date that counts with the IRS - so he definitely knows how to manipulate such things.

    I don't know for sure what to think, but it was probably the Post Office dropping the ball. However if they know who I am on here it's a good thing because it means they are reading this site and are getting a good dose of the TTATT.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I just realized that we also did not get an invite to the Memorial this year!

    WOW! Does this mean they don't love us????

    Maybe they were afraid we would drink the wine. (We do love a good Cabernet.)

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