Teaching children discipline

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  • JH

    Years ago, if a child did something wrong, he had a good spanking or some kind of harsh physical discipline. That's the way it was. Even at the kingdom halls, they still teach this way of discipline. They say it's biblical.

    I found this article on how to discipline your child correctly. It sounds more human than the spankings of older generations.

    When you were young, did you receive any spankings?


  • caligirl

    My parents did not use spanking as the main form of discipline - it was rarely used, despite urgings to the contrary. I agree with this article and it pretty much lists what I try to do with my children - and I emphasize try, since I am prone to yelling when I get frustrated or angry. Very reasonable article.

  • shamus

    Yes, I did. Only a few times, though. When I KNEW that if what I was doing was wrong and I knew that I was going to get one for it and got caught.

    I never got spanked for something that I did by accident, or something that I did not know was wrong.... and, they would use other forms of punishment first.... unless it was really serious.

    I feel very sorry for people on this board who got beaten just b/c they could not sit still / cried at meetings. That is NOT how you discipline children! Duh, they don't have the mental capacity to keep quiet for 2 hours, mom. Don't beat them!!!

  • tinkerbell82

    never, i was an angel till i moved out of my parents' house and they couldnt reach my booty to give me a spankin anymore

  • Euphemism

    Got them when I was very young. Not many, 'cause I was good kid, but they were my parents' main form of discipline, and so I was constantly under the threat of a spanking if I did anything wrong. My parents didn't believe in counting to three. If I did something wrong, I got spanked. I think that the fear was much worse than the actual spankings, however.

    I did get spanked for not sitting still at the meetings (when I was only eighteen months old, I should add). My mom tells a story about when I was two years old. (This is her account of it. I don't remember anything from before I was 4.) Apparently I was throwing food around at the table, so my mom took me into another room and gave me a spanking. (I dunno how many spanks, but definitely more than one.) Then she asked me if I was going to apologize. I said no, and she spanked me again, and said she was going to keep spanking me until I apologized. I eventually gave in, of course.

    What's sick is that she tells that story with pride. She also claims that when she brought me back to the table, I was smiling. Stockholm syndrome maybe? That's the only explanation I can think of.

    My brother and I were both well-behaved little dubbie boys, and my parents would get complimented on our behavior all the time. And of course, I always had to listen to them explain that the reason we were such good boys was because we had gotten spanked when we were babies and toddlers.

  • JH

    Although my parents were never JW's, my father was only verbally violent when he was mad at me or my sister. He wouldn't spank us hard, but he yelled loud and that scares a child. He demanded perfection. Example: when I took a tool, he demanded that I put it back at the same place and right after using it, not 1 hour later. I had to leave no trace of what I did when I finished any job. Everything had to be extra tidy, every chair pushed back at the right place when I got up. Maybe this discipline was harsh, but today I'm tidy, nothing lays around.

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