R.I.P Keith Emerson

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  • Simon

    It's getting to that time where the explosion of musical talent from the 60's and 70's will start passing on.

    Music seems pretty anemic now. There are some good tunes and stars but few with great talent.

    Except Taylor Swift (yeah, I said it).

    I've been listening to David Bowie albums since he died. Man, music was better back then!

  • done4good

    Wow, another great one from a perhaps the best era in music ever.

    I saw Carl Palmer with his new band a few months back at a small venue in PA. We were right above the small stage. He has a three piece band, all instrumental. The bassist actually did the Emerson keyboard stuff on the bass, (used a 5 string jazz bass and something he called a "stick"). It was an amazing show. Carl appeared to be in great shape for close to 70.

    [edit]: Tragedy about Keith. Just read it was a suicide.


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I was in the ER watching TV when I heard the news Keith Emerson died. He was one of my hero's when I was a teenager. ELP was the first concert my wife and I went to back in 1978 at the Bay Front Center in St. Pete FL. I will never forget the piano and Keith rise up off the stage while he was playing it and started to swirl head over heel. What a great show he put on. Songs like "Lucky Man" "Just Take a Pebble", "Pictures on Exhibition" and the Tarsus Album I will never forget. RIP Keith and thank you for the memories. Still Totally ADD

  • flipper


    Here's one of my favorites by ELP.

  • flipper
  • flipper
  • flipper

    Dammit. Let me try posting a different youtube of C'Est La Vie . Beautiful song.


  • flipper
  • flipper
  • Ucantnome
    i think i liked Pirates best

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