TORONTO Beer Festival

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    Hey folks, just thought I'd let you all in on a little bit of some local Toronto happenings here.

    This weekend: August 9, 10, and 11th, is Toronto's annual Beer Festival.

    It's located on the historic Fort York site (Bathurst & Lakeshore Blvd.).

    It's quite good, and really fun!

    Myself and iiz2cool, went and enjoyed the variety of beverages available for sampling.

    There were many micro breweries from the Toronto area, Ontario and a few places beyond.

    It was quite fun, great live music (2 stages) and excellent food venues: something for everyone (vegetarians included).

    For more info, check this out:

    If you're in the Toronto area, this weekend, stop on by.

    Ray recommends: Brick Brewery products (Waterloo, ON.) and McCausland Brewery products (Montreal, QC.), and Amsterdam Brewery (Toronto, ON.).

    We'll await iiz2cool's choice breweries .

  • ashitaka

    Dammit! I would have loved to have gone to sweet beer.....


  • pettygrudger

    Dang Ray, that sounds right up hubby's ally - I wished we had known of this before- we might have met up w/ya'll!

    Sounds like a great time!

    Perhaps during the mini-fest we should check out some of Michigan's micro-brewerys & do some comparison testing aye?

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    Sounds like you got your weekend planned out. Wish I was there to toss back a few with you. As it is Sheila and I will probably put a few miles on the Harley and play around the house.

    Have a great time and have one for me!




    Pettygrudger: what a dummy I am.

    I should have posted this info earlier. Detroit is not too far from Detroit, and I think you and hubby would have absolutely enjoyed it. It was fun!

    The microbrewery thing in your area of Michigan, sounds like a great idea.

    Next year, I'll be more on the ball. I'll post info early enough, and maybe pick up cheap tickets ahead of time. It was great! Being on Historic Fort York, with the Toronto skyline behind us, and the aroma of BBQs, beer, sounds of LIVE music and well....very happy and well-behaved people.

    It was great!

  • tinkerbell82
    Detroit is not too far from Detroit


  • Lapuce

    Well I hope to have known earlier of this I would have went to toronto for the weekend, as my sister lives there I could have met some of you guys for the first time....


  • iiz2cool

    Well, there's still one day left to check out the Toronto Beer Festival! I'm thinking of going again, and taking a taxi this time so I can drink more. I couldn't try everything I wanted the first time.

    My favorite breweries? I have to agree with Rayzorblade on Brick Brewery being number one. The beer was great, and the girls serving the beer were in an exceptional party mode and very enthusiastic. I liked Cameron's and Amsterdam as well. And several others who's names I don't recall. (I can't imagine why)


  • Jourles
    check out some of Michigan's micro-brewerys

    Well if there is one thing that Petty and I disagree on, she just hit it on the head. Michigan is one suckass state for micro's, unlike Colorado or Oregon where there is a microbrewery on every other street block. But hey, MI now gets the honor of producing one of the world's finest White beers, Celis White(problem is, they do not have a restaurant co-located - it's "bring your own food"). Other than that, it seems the better micro's are located near the water in MI. Traverse City has two good ones, and Manistee has another. Both are weekend trips from down south.

  • shamus

    Glad that you all had fun, Razorblade! Nice to see that people socialize on this board in REal LIfe! I'm too far from everyone to socialize.... oh well!

    Canmore has a microbrewery, but the beer gives me a headache! It's called the Grizzly Paw, and they make Strawbverry Ale, Elk Beer, yada yada yada... made with real elk, LOL!

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