What not to do when trying to fade...

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  • Nihilistic Journey
    Nihilistic Journey

    Cleaning up my basement and found the paper. It's funny how something that most people take as normal behavior like registering to vote can cause so much anxiety in others.

    I've always wondered what happened when people saw this but I was able to successfully fade. And when my family was pressured to shun me they left too. I left not because I stopped believing but I couldn't handle it any longer. A few months ago I finally broke from the fear of Jehovahs vengeance with help from lurking around this board. Thanks all.

  • FayeDunaway

    Omg, not only your picture but your full name as well!! Thanks for sharing that. It's sort of catastrophic and hilarious at the same time...and definitely what NOT to do when trying to fade.

    My best friend was still a (disobedient, guilt ridden) believer for 10 years before finally doing research as well. Congrats on mental freedom, finally.

  • Nihilistic Journey
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    The ultimate act of evil!

    I always wondered how the religion could forbid voting under threat of communal shunning, in a free society like the US.

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