Bite Model

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  • smiddy3

    I have heard similar, living in this system of things our brains need washing.

  • GetMeOutofHere
    As a fairly recently awakened JW, I have devoured JWfacts as well as John Cedars YouTube. However, this BITE model is a revelation. I wonder if this (Steve Hassan) could be a more gentle way into helping family JWs as it is not anti JW but rather it is anti cult. I remember JWs pride themselves on saying that they are definitely NOT a cult. This could be a way in, perhaps?
  • GetMeOutofHere
  • Xanthippe

    At a meeting once a speaker said people say we're in a cult, so to prove it he asked the audience to give a scripture about the new system. About ten people gave a different scripture

    There, he said, we're not in a cult because we have minds of our own! Sad and pathetic.

  • blondie
    Stealth2 days ago

    "It is easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them that they have been fooled." - Mark Twain

    Perhaps because it is difficult to unring the bell.

    In law, unring the bell is an analogy used to suggest the difficulty of forgetting information once it is known.

  • Vanderhoven7


    Your list of cult charistics is impressive...I'm assuming you came up with it. Can I use it in my book? If yes, can you PM me how you wish me to source it?

  • Phizzy

    I have used the BITE definition of the Org's technique to explain quickly to members of the Public how they achieve their extreme control of their members.

    Most are astounded that the average J.W puts up with it and does not think for themselves. I have to then explain the actual method used to stop the J.W using her/his reasoning ability.

    The Org is an Authoritarian Mind Control group for sure. The average J.W is an unthinking drone, callously controlled and used for making or producing converts and thus more contributors to the continuation of the Scam posing as a religion.

    Of course, the Org is not unique, many religions and cults use this method, as does, ( and forgive me for using a hackneyed example), North Korea.

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