I have no prblems with "new light"

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    There is nothing wrong with accepting new ideas. Even Apostle Paul changed his mind when he "saw the light". Indeed, I hope to learn new things every day. There is nothing wrong with real "new light".

    But I have problems with the way that the Watchtower operates its "new light" system. Not that a light stays on for long. It switches on and off, like the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree or it cycles like traffic light signals. What was old is new again, until it becomes old, waiting for its turn to be switched on again for a while.

    All of that could be a cause for ridicule, but there is a seriously sinister side, at the human level. Each time a new light is switched on, the organization demands lock-step acceptance. All minds have to switch over, whether a person agrees or not, only to be told later that the process has once again been amended - sometimes reverting to previous ideas.

    What havoc does this play with people's minds? Having to mouth ideas that in their minds they cannot accept yet must on pain of eternal damnation (or loss of family) be forced to give allegiance to? What mental damage does this result in?


  • Xanthippe
    All of that could be a cause for ridicule, but there is a seriously sinister side, at the human level. Each time a new light is switched on, the organization demands lock-step acceptance. All minds have to switch over, whether a person agrees or not

    It's the human cost of these decisions from the high and mighty GB. How does the woman I knew in my old congregation cope with the loss of her seventeen year old son in a car accident who could have lived if he'd had a blood transfusion? New light about blood fractions doesn't help her.

    How does my sister cope with the thought that she could have had IVF and possibly have grown-up children now, even grandchildren. Instead she has an empty house because IVF was forbidden as the discarded embryos were considered to be 'murdered'. New light saying it's a conscience matter now doesn't help her and I can tell you she has not coped.

  • punkofnice

    I agree. Being open minded to accept something more logical is good.

    The watchtower(tm) are masters of spin. Their 'new light(tm)', is based around getting more money, or not paying out in a lawsuit. It ISN'T being open minded to the truth.

    there's the difference.

  • stuckinarut2

    No problem with them changing policies, teachings etc if they want...

    BUT the issue I have is how they hide the past, or white-wash the past teachings, sweeping them under the carpet and pretending like it was the average witness who was wrong, or misguided....

    Also, if they say "New Light" is from God, yet God never gets things wrong, then was God wrong, or were they wrong?

  • Room 215
    Room 215
    It's one thing to accept new ideas; quite another to coerce others into acceptance.
  • TerryWalstrom

    Have you ever wondered the one unthinkable thought?

    Why do JW's have to change any teaching at any time?

    It's not like they are progressing toward something and away from something.

    Is it restlessness?

    Or is it mental illness?
    I can understand changing your underwear, or your furniture--but sacred pronouncements directly from heaven?
    WHAT MOTIVATES changes in teaching?
    Fundamental Fact: If they never changed any doctrines they'd never get into trouble.

  • mrquik

    So who's responsible for those doctrinal changes that have cost lives in the past? God? Did he change his mind? Would an organization actually led by loving kindness condone this? The obvious answer is men themselves are responsible. And as such, they show this cult for what it is; manmade, with no loving concern for its members. They fail miserably in identifying themselves as the " one true religion".

  • punkofnice
  • sir82


    New light? Well, OK, that's fine.

    But given that literally any doctrine can change overnight,due to "new light", how is it "Christian" to demand enforced conformity of belief in current teachings?

    E.g. if the "generation" teaching might change again next week, why should I be forced to accept it today? If I proclaim publicly that I think it's a load of codswallop, I will be DF'ed for apostasy. If the doctrine changes next week to match what I thought already, my DF is not rescinded, I get no apology, I'm still viewed as a filthy apostate deserving of eternal death.

  • Heaven

    They need to stop calling themselves "The Truth" and "God's Channel". Because if new blight contradicts their old blight, then they certainly do not have the truth nor can they be God's Mouthpiece (unless God is messing with them... or God doesn't exist and it's just all crap their pulling from their a$$e$).

    I had an interesting exchange with my parents on this. Back in my 20's, with both of my parents present I asked them outright "Is the Watchtower God's chosen organization, his sole channel of communication?" (You can probably guess where I would be going with this as it doesn't really matter what the answer is... Botchtower is just another religion serving up BS as Truth ... and hurting people in the process).

    At exactly the same time my Mom answers "Yes." and my Dad answers "No."

    The holy shit look that passed between them was priceless. So much for unity. I gave them the eyebrow.

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