Slang or Terms Only Used by Bethelities

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  • careful

    So what did Ciro A and Dan S do to get reassigned?

  • new boy
    new boy

    Thanks guys I will add the term "A Heavy" to my list. I have certainly use the term a lot in the book.

  • new boy
    new boy

    I don't know who had it in for Cerio but when I went back there in 1995 he informed me that the bastard that had nailed him had been deal with. He never said who it was. The funny thing is I was the one that informed him that he had in deed been "Shafted." back in 1973 you should the look on his face

  • WingCommander

    I guess ol' Ciro had the last laugh, huh? I remember this weasely, shiny-shoes wearing asshole rolling thru our Congregation a few times in the 1980's. (south-central PA region) He looked like some mafia Guido. Thought he was God's gift. Later, it was HIS signature on the UN-NGO agreement for the supposed "Library Card." After that shit came out in 2001 via The Gaurdian newspaper, I wonder what happened to ol' Ciro? Did he once again get "the Shaft", or was he such a high-up "Bethel Heavy" that they merely put him out to pasture in the midwest with a paycheque every month and an assignment to keep his mouth shut, forever?

    Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm......."

  • DwainBowman

    Any of you know Nina Davis? Her and her hubby are still there. I knew her in CA before she went some where to pioneer back in the 70's.

  • _Morpheus
    Yes, Morpheus:
    I recall Dan had been in writing, and then I saw him sweating away in the bindery. The talk was he had been shafted.
    I knew Marina before they married.

    I guess i didnt realize that dan got caught up in the situation with ray and ed, given that he ended up on the gb. It is interesting to me that dan would say to pretty much anyone who pressed him that “the whole theology needs to be rethought”. He said it to me (in a small group setting) when it was there... if he was part of that group that attitude makes sense.. what dosent make sense is letting him on the gb to begin with unless he convinced them he wasnt going to make waves and it looked better to keep him around. As i say i never realized he was part of that group


    The term "NPG" was popular when I was there.

  • WingCommander

    Ah yesss......the NPG New Boys. I sure Leo Greenless thought they were all, FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!

    NPG = Non Practicing Gay

  • snugglebunny

    Bethel Boy's Weekend = Glorious piss-up in bethel boy's home town, accompanied by other bethel boys who live too far away to go home for the weekend, usually held in the Juniper Berry, Southampton in the company of several young (and nubile) sisters all on the hunt for a bethel boy husband.

  • dozy


    I remember thinking naively of Bethel as a kind of "Rivendell" style place of study , peace and theocratic work , only to have my illusions rudely shattered when I toured the place and realised it was just basically a factory spewing out religious litertaure with a few offices bolted on. The workers just seemed like drones , most unhappy.

    A good friend of mine went at 20 years old ( he had IT skills and was recruited by Bethel ) but got disillusioned and left after 18 months or so to return to our congregation. He occasionally would talk about his experiences , particularly the homosexuality there ( mostly latent ) and the heavy drinking that often went on in peoples rooms.

    He felt that most people there were basically OK , albeit many were institutionalised , especially the Long Term Bethelites , but believed that the whole structure of the place was a bit creepy and kind of stuck in the 1950's , dominated by a few "heavies" as he called them. He is still a JW to this day , as far as I know - in his late 50's now , I would guess.

    Recently I have seen the new Bethel entrant "pillow" videos and it looks like basically nothing much has changed.

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