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  • jhine

    Today l received a hand written letter from my local Kingdom Hall . l say my local as the one nearest me , for those who don't know me l am not nor have ever been a JW . As this letter was addressed " To The Householder " l assume that everyone in the area ( Tamworth , Staffordshire ) has been sent one . Enclosed was a leaflet titled " How Do You View The Future ? "

    The writer , who does identify herself but l will keep anonymous , quotes Psalm 37 : 11 . l am invited to visit the J.W.Org website and also to reply to the letter if l wish , either by writing to the Kingdom Hall or on what looks like [email protected] .

    So does anyone recognise the caring etc ? because l am not aware of that , and any suggestions for ( polite ) questions to ask or points to make .


  • Sherman

    How Do You View The Future ?

    Its just typical marketing ploy the JWS use to lure people to the WTS's literature and the organization.

    See how bad world conditions are, this was prophesied in the bible but things will change soon when Jesus starts his new Kingdom order.

    The only difference is that they direct people to JWorg. where the WTS propaganda bullshit is, its easy peasy work (hours) for JWS now days

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    why dont you reply along the lines of-

    "ive always wanted to be a Jehovahs witness--but never met one before--so i'm so pleased to get your letter."

    whether you choose to put your real name and address is up to you x

  • NewLight99

    Hi, I'm new on here although I have been following it for some time!

    I would suggest asking a question that will get them thinking and researching! like:

    1) Why is your religion not joining the Redress scheme in Australia?

    2) I've heard that most JWs are not considered to be part of the New Covenant. How do you obtain forgiveness outside of that covenant and without a mediator?

    3) I believe Watchtower claims that Jesus chose your organisation in 1919 and rejected all other Christians. How could that be when you continued to worship him until the 1950's, when you then called it idolatry?

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on!

  • Sherman

    Or maybe just make a brief note saying that JWS are noted as being false prophet charlatans whose doctrines are apostate in nature due to their opposition to Jesus and his instructions for preaching his new Kingdom Order.

    The bible says in a warning in (1John 4:1) for so called preachers to see if they are saying things god didn't give them to say, calling them false prophets, JWS certainly makes that identity of being false prophets.

    Jesus himself gave admonishment to his followers in making a time (1914) upon god's own sacred time.

    Being subservient followers of the sinning unrighteous become sinning unrighteous themselves.

  • dozy

    Are these letters just sent through Royal Mail and stamped? At 66p a time - that's going to be pretty expensive. 100 letters - £66 ( about $100 ).

    Why not say to them that you have respectfully read their letter and ask them to watch a simple video in return - eg the Youtube video of Tony Morris buying the whisky. https://tinyurl.com/y3kmdj5z and ask them for their thoughts.

    They won't of course , but at least you tried.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I don't recognise the email address. But maybe a techie MS or elder set up the email account.

    In UK COs have been asking elders to arrange to contact all inactive and disfellowshipped ones (except anyone active in showing them up ). So, if you ever attended a meeting, maybe you are still on their radar. Alternatively someone/s are sending out lots of letters to the residents of Tamworth.

    You could asked them why they say the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar reign was followed by the 2nd year of his reign. (Dan 2:1) They say 19th year is 607 BCE and 2nd year is 606 BCE.

    If you want more detail I am putting it together in this short series. Here is part 2


    Alternatively see explanation I put on website I built for GB to see if they would correct their 1914 doctrine, on which rests their authority.


  • smiddy3

    See my post "An answer to a letter" I received from a JW posted 12 days ago .

    I sent it then and I still haven`t received a reply and don`t expect one now.

    Good luck


  • BluesBrother

    They seem to be pushing the letter writing ministry in England these days, at the publishers own expense. At first they feared the data protection junk mail laws might prohibit it, but they had a re think. To me it seems a most boring way to count time. It is all about keeping the dubs involved in thinking about ministry and not going cold in lockdown.

    What to say in reply? ....put it how you like but I would avoid contentious issues that show you to be “apostate “. The rank and file dubs don’t know about them anyway. I would ask seemingly interested questions that would make the writer look into some areas of faith that are thinly supported......if you want to.....

  • jhine

    Thanks for the replies , all very useful . I have looked at your letter Smiddy3 , and made notes .

    Anna Marina l have never been near a Kingdom Hall , l am an active member of my local Anglican church.

    NewLight99 can you give any references in WT literature to show that they did worship Christ until the 1950s ? l don't have any old publications to reference .

    When l received the letter yesterday l did a very quick check and found three other people who received them , 2 in my street and one other in a different part of town . So possibly the JWs have sent a lot of these letters , maybe to everyone . Yes they were sent through the post with 2nd class stamps .


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