Genesis 6 verse 3 - "man's days will be one hundred and twenty", so explain this.............

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  • cantleave
  • ttdtt

    I was always perplexed by that verse.

    Why did god step down the age of people from almost 1000 to 120 then to 70 or 80.

    You dont need further proof that the bible is BS and a bunch of badly tied together stories from bedouins than the book of genesis.

  • menrov

    Heb “his days will be 120 years.” Some interpret this to mean that the age expectancy of people from this point on would be 120, but neither the subsequent narrative nor reality favors this. It is more likely that this refers to the time remaining between this announcement of judgment and the coming of the flood.

  • slimboyfat

    I think an alternative interpretation of the verse offered in the WT was that God gave humans 120 years to repent before he brought the flood

    Why did god step down the age of people from almost 1000 to 120 then to 70 or 80.

    It used to be a major feature of JW teaching that humanity has progressively degenerated since the fall: in terms of longevity, strength, intelligence, morals.

    The old WT literature against evolution relied heavily on the argument that evolution is about the improvement of mankind, and humans are clearly degenerating over the centuries, therefore evolution can't be true. Thus in one fell swoop they managed to misunderstand evolution, the Bible and history.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, an Indonesian man is claimed to be 145 years old.

    Is his official documentation accurate and correct?

  • freddo

    As LUHE says: Are the records verifiable? If he was born early 20th century Indonesia he would have been registered under Dutch Colonial control and that would give a semblance of credence to any record he has.

    But in 1870 the Dutch control was tenuous and only in coastal areas would their records be reliable.

    Then there was Japanese occupation and the fight for independence in the late 1940's where things would have been more fluid and records lost.

    If it was a woman and the age 120 or even 125 I might believe it possible but I reckon 110 - 115 tops. which makes me think he may have his father's or older relatives birth records.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Maybe this curse in Genesis 6:3 wasn't meant for the few descendants of Noah.

    Maybe it was an exception to the few after the flood.

    Genesis 11 tells of the long genealogy between Shem and Abrams where almost

    every person mentioned lives longer than 120 years.

    But i agree with "ttdtt", it's all BS....

    My question why a 120 years when "Supposedly" man was living 900 years.

    Hell that would be like God cursing mankind today, your days will be 5 years and you

    will kick the bucket. Thanks God you are a likable guy.

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