FASCISM VS THEOCRACY - children are intimidated to begin service early

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  • garybuss

    Interesting comments RF. When I was an adolescent at the Kingdom Hall with my parents, my mother told me after one group meeting on the same topic that if we lived in a country where it was legal, they would kill me if I ever quit the Watch Tower group. That was pretty nice for a child to hear from his mother. GaryB

  • garybuss

    Maybe this is why my affection for this group runs so deep:-)

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Gary. I always read your threads and comments. Youre a thinking man, no doubt about it. Just thought Id tell you that.

    I did a lot of reading down the years into the subject of Stalinism and it was most interesting that they shifted their expectational dates in the same way that the Witnesses did. Say the date 1914, the Apocalypse was expected, 1914 passes and 1914 is declared a prefullfillment and another, future date is set. Its a constantly shifting, sliding scale of date setting. The "communists" used the "dialectic" method to shift their expectations.Say it is declared that the 3rd stage of dialectic will be attained in 1925, when 1926 comes 1925 was declared as the completion of second stage. The sands continually shift.

    Rutherford commenced his total restructure about 1925 and it was completed, basically by 1939. Stalin the same.Parallel activities in parallel time.

    Anyway, Ive bored you enough. lol.

  • garybuss

    Not bored at all RF, You have more knowledge of the political history than I do. Thanks for sharing it. GaryB

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