COs are like parrots, can’t handle questions of dynamic nature!

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  • anointed1

    When I was a zealous publisher, once I took CO for a return visit to learn how he handles difficult questions. House holder brought the subject of Joshua secretly sending two spies to spy out the city of Jericho before its planned conquest, and asked: “Wasn’t Joshua acting in a human way here? Why would Joshua need to send spies if he was the Commander-in-Chief appointed by God the Almighty?”

    I could see CO feeling nervous because he was not trained to answer such questions. He was like a parrot byhearting what is in the WT publications. Whatever he tried to convey was vehemently counteracted to his shame. Then CO tried to change the subject saying ‘we have to see the overall guidance God provides, not in every minute details which are left to the individuals concerned.’ What you need to realize is that God has an organization on earth to give answers to very important questions pertaining to major subject such as “Why do we experience suffering if God exist? ….

    House-holder intervened and said: “That’s not a major subject. Suffering occurs when people act thoughtlessly which proves things happen according to some law (perceptible or imperceptible), and existence of law means existence of law-giver. Suffering would help people to act thoughtfully in the future. Good and evil are just labels. Your own darkness is your capacity for light. Nothing is bad for those who know how to make use of every situation. Because you operate from your mechanical center you think pain is something that causes suffering. But people who operate from their dynamic center know that pain-mechanism in their body serves a useful purpose alerting us to avoid further harm. What a disaster it would be if we do not feel pain—we will not pull away our hand or any part of body when it gets burned or injured. Similarly, each type of suffering is a warning mechanism alerting us to avoid further harm or to avoid similar harm in the future.

    Big picture shows all that is felt or transpires is neutral in nature and meant to balance the cosmic existence. Water, for example, is key for sustenance of life. Our body is almost 60% water/blood in a cycle of circulation. Fresh air is inhaled and stale air exhaled—you cannot say the former is good and the latter is bad. Medically, smooth functioning of the digestive system is an endorsement of wellness. See what happens when you feed your stomach with no discipline—it will alert you by giving you various symptoms to revert to an ordered life-style. Similarly, extreme weather conditions, floods or earthquakes, etc, causing torment, are in fact mind-boggling acts of ecological, geological and biological equilibrium. There is a definite purpose to all activities which are not too obvious to our present knowledge. The so-called good or bad is, thus, interwoven in myriad ways incomprehensible for many. Therefore, be it pleasure or pain all events are meant for sustenance of the infinite ladder of life. Whether individuals understand or not, underlying realities matter little in the super-scale of grand hierarchy.

    CO was like a deflated Tyre!

  • scratchme1010

    We were conditioned to believe that those men were very wise, great role models and knowledgeable of everything JW. I only met one who I felt wasn't a big disappointment. The rest were all quacks.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I only met one who I felt wasn't a big disappointment.

    I did too. He was humble enough to admit that he didn't have a good answer to the question

    Why does the Watchtower write "Samuel" (with quotation marks) in 1 Samuel 28:12-20 (when Saul talks to the ghost of Samuel)?

    He was also a great speaker. Children and adults were entertained while they learned Watchtower doctrines. His name was Samuel Izquierdo, a Cuban born residing in the U.S.

  • steve2

    I had a deflating experience with a CO just before I left. He approached me after a meeting appearing to speak in a kind, concerned manner about what others had told him about me. He broached the topic of my "doubts" which I had carefully kept to myself. He then pronounced the following: "No other group is preaching the good news of Jehovah's kingdom. Everything else is unimportant." And left me standing there, open-mouthed. I had hardly uttered a word - yet I knew, even if I did, he would just given some variation of the above stock answer.

    Perhaps that was the first time I truly realized how ill-equipped these men in high positions are to help the flock. Revealing and sad at the same time.

  • Quarterback

    Some stories in the Bible serve only to provide us other details. For instance, the spy story connects us to the introduction of Rahab the prostitute. Rahab became an ancester to Jesus. Without the spy account we would be missing that key in the Geneology of the Messiah.

    I don't know if you have the address of that CO, but just let him know about that will you?

  • _Morpheus

    There are a hundred unknown people in the so called mesiahs geneology. Why would one more or less matter?

  • schnell
    Why does the Watchtower write "Samuel" (with quotation marks) in 1 Samuel 28:12-20 (when Saul talks to the ghost of Samuel)?

    Oh snap, it does.

    Say, I'm beginning to suspect the NWT isn't all that accurate a translation. Just maybe.


    Wow. What a great anecdote allowing you to espouse your religious views on this forum.


  • schnell

    The elders and COs are not as well educated on theology as they are led to believe. They're closer to multi-level marketers than anything.

  • anointed1

    Connecting to genealogy--I do not think so. Connection with a prostitute ... looks like modern day Hollywood spy story. That won't be the style God Almighty would function!

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