Is the revised new world translation been printed in portugese

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  • joe134cd

    I was reading a thread on here a couple days back that implied that the only hard back copies of the rNWT was only available in English. I have an uber dub friend who lives in a portugese speaking country and decided to question him about this. According to him there is a hardback copy of the rNWT in portugese and it is also available I another European language (outside of English). So my question is three fold.

    (1) was the original thread incorrect in that there are at least 2 other languages that the rNWT is printed in.

    (2)Did I misunderstand the thread

    (3) or did my portugese speaking friend misunderstand me. I'll admit that his grasp of the English language isn't the best.

  • fastJehu
  • joe134cd
    I'm not talking about a download here. I'm talking about a physically printed bound book.
  • Wonderment

    It appears that the NWT Revised "printed" edition is available, according to the Yearbook 2016 (p. 30), besides English, in South Korean and Portuguese.

    Other revised editions (20+) are listed for downloads:

    Whether there are recent additions to this, needs to be confirmed by someone.

  • oppostate
    It was released in hard copy in Portuguese and Ukrainian as well.
  • Earnest
    And in Thai.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Good to hear

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