My message to those who have always placed heavy burdens on its members

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    In this Kingdom Hall photo, there will be some members who will probably leave the organization. Some will stay and suffer just to be with family. I feel sad for those who stay just to please the family. I was one of them. Some will disassociate, some will get disfellowshipped and lose family members due to shunning. The mental and physical burden will take its toll on everyone.

    This message is to the 8 Governing Body members and all the Elder Pharisees who ''truly'' believe this is ''GOD'S'' organization and do all the WTBTS dirty work :

    I hope you enjoy Jehovah's Witness workload the rest of your lives. Year after year, you will toil for nothing. Armeggdon will never come! All your hard work was for nothing!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    ...and there it is, the rumor mill. These people eat each other up when backs are turned. "She's spiritually weak, he's going to college, they never have us over for dinner and he never gives pioneers gas money." You know the drill. See the empty chairs in the front row? One of those is my seat.

    Wasanelder Once

    After 40 years in, I witnessed all the drama, backstabbing, rumors, divorces, cheating, a physical fight inside the Kingdom Hall, spankings of small children where no one said a word, members who would change congregations due to conflicts with Elders, heated words on the podium from one Elder to another Elder, spousal abuse, disfellowshipping, brothers who were contractors who were shady even to fellow members, Elders who favored family when it came down to appointments for Ministerial Servants and new Elders, loans that were never paid to fellow members ...where Elders had to step in, Elder wives knowing everything that was happening in the congregation, drugs, alcohol, etc. etc.

  • smiddy3

    I concur with everything you said R&R , and may I add, all of their wasted lives slaving for a man made American Publishing and Real Estate Corporation posing as a Religion fleecing the flock of all of their money and valuable assets by dangling the carrot of Armageddon and Paradise before their eyes ,which is always just out of reach .

  • waton
    valuable assets by dangling the carrot of Armageddon and Paradise before their eyes ,which is always just out of reach .s3

    Armageddon being the big wall with the proverbial narrow gate that none burdened with valuable assets will pass through.

    All a mirage, that to exist, must be viewed from certain distance, a certain angle and it is made of hot air.

    Message to deliberate or deluded maintainers of the mirage, like the well coiffed example in the PO picture?
    The keyboard is to limited.

  • zeb

    R&R.. a real life 'Peyton Place.'

    What is that makes people with such extreme behaviors to want to belong to such a extreme org? the social scientists would have a field day working on that.

  • tiki

    The further away from it I get, the more I see that people attracted and who stay in that religion have damaged psyches...they find solace in the support system there..and sadly the religion only exacerbates the mental/emotional issues and anguish.

  • oppostate

    Whooooaaaa! Wait a minute, they have windows?
    They have windows in that Kingdom Hall??? What?

    The guy in the second row center left is definitely thinking about fading!

    And the African-American couple in the fourth row center right are definitely exiting soon!

    But wow, I cannot get over the fact they even have windows.

    Windows! I wish I could have had windows to stare out of all those boring meetings!

  • asp59

    Not to mention all the more money they have to give every month for lack of members

  • waton
    Windows! I wish I could have had windows to stare out of all those boring meetings! os

    In one hall, that had none, they actually installed some. perhaps to better sell the place soon.

    At least there is now some light, truly from the source! new every day!

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