Mormons vs. Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • JWdaughter
    No doubt they are both cults. I have seen people leave both and how they are treated. I guess all we have are really anecdotal experiences. Mine are simply more positive with one cult than another:) Now lets go to starbucks.
  • Downtowner

    Yeeessss, Starbucks with the controversial cup and let's grab the controversial Reeses LOL!!

    Actually I'm currently drinking a Chi Tea Latte... my favorite! I guess I'm going to hell hahaha!

  • JWdaughter

    Reeses are controversial too? I've been craving one since my son brought a bag of Reeses christmas trees home tonite. Now I have to go swipe one. With my earl grey. Its nearly midnight. NOT helpful:)

    Whats the story with REeses? I am kind of contrary.I kind of like pissing off ridiculous people with insane things that offend them. Like red coffee cups sold by zionists who hate christmas/islam/clean cut baristas.(I can't think of one unbearded male barista lately. What's that all about? Are they all proving they aren't JW or ??)

    edited to say-I think I am getting slap happy. Probably should skip the tea.

    If you are the guy in Houston, check with me after the new year, I should be home by then.

  • dozy

    Reading sites like helped me a lot while I was leaving JWs as it showed me from a different perspective people exiting a not dis-similar cult.

    I occasionally have a chat with an ex-Mormon in my home town & it is remarkable how much we have in common. Though he isn't institutionally shunned by his extended family , he is very much disapproved & largely cut off from family activities- I guess the equivalent to the treatment usually given to JW faders.

    Essentially most of these groups are the same - formed by a charismatic wealthy man in mid / late 1800's USA and morphed into a worldwide organisation led by a small group of (mainly ) American deluded white men who think they are divinely appointed by God & give their own interpretation of scripture and make it binding on their followers.

    They expect them to perform unpaid corporate activities ( tithing / JW preaching etc ) to prove their "godliness". The basic formula with all these groups is the same - just a few different tweaks here & there over the years as the Organisations have evolved and adapted.

  • Vidiot
    Maybe it can be even more easily summarized with the question, "Given a choice, who would you rather hang out with? A JW, or a Mormon?"

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