potential subjects for a convention.

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  • zeb

    Wives, what have you read about male biology?

    Wives, when did you last seduce your husband?

    The power of flowers? Do you understand it?

    The importance of a shed (man-cave)

    Husbands, do you have a creative hobby?

    Why not? Investigate how you allocate your time.

    Both, do you have conversation?

    Killing the marital killer; being too busy.

  • eyeuse2badub

    A follow up for next year's RC.

    "Remember the LIFE of Lot"

    What a rotten, incestuous bastard he was. How he offered his 2 daughters to be mauled by a sex depraved crowd how he banged his 2 daughters.

    Yes you christian fathers, "Remember the LIFE of Lot!"

    just saying!

  • steve2

    Trolley Witnessing: Count TIme by Chatting with Your Brothers and Sisters as People Walk By.

    Meetings: Watch the Videos on JW.org at Home so You Don't Have to Go.

    Watchtower Study: Unsure of the Correct Answer? It's Now Okay to Highlight the Entire Paragraph.

    Steps to Defending Your Faith: Step 1: Walk away; Step 2: Keep Walking.

    Shunning - How to Avoid Its Devastating Impact: Agree with Everything.

  • stuckinarut2

    YES! eyeuse2badub!

    Isnt it odd that the behaviour of Lot would not be acceptable if a Christian man did that today??

    And yet, we are told we need to imitate such ones?

  • Chook

    Imitate Lot should of been explained to the ARC, incestuous relationships are the examples held high for this cult to follow.

  • stillin

    Steve says "Agree with everything." Lmao!

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