Yet another kingdom hall being sold off

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  • pepperheart

    Hi acording to a property website called rightmove a kingdom hall in dawlish devon is being sold off.

    another poster has told us that in liverpool two more kingdom halls are being sold off, so this has been a good week

  • zeb

    Kingdom Halls. in the main,

    • donated land,
    • built labour free,
    • maintained cost free
    • capital growth the value of the land at least
    • tax free

    sold and the money is exported to the WT in NY.

    Governments around the world could do well to consider preventing this wholesale repatriation of funds to WT but insist they be spent in the home country on.. say charities like meals, shelters etc

    Business utopia!

    This reduction of the assets is an overture to abandonment of the jw in those areas. If they cant travel the extra distance or it is not safe to travel too bad.

    It also heralds' a wider plan to dump the world wide community of jw when the great persecution that they are orchestrating occurs(or may not). When the letter writing to the Kremlin backfires the answer from the GB will be we only suggested you write we didn't say you HAD too. Money please...

  • darkspilver

    The 54 publishers (including 9 elders) in the Dawlish Congregation now have to travel THREE MILES to use the KH in the neighbouring seaside town of Teignmouth (Thursdays and Sunday afternoons), which they now share with the 86 publishers (including 10 elders) in the Teignmouth congregation (Wednesdays and Sunday mornings).

    This is the Dawlish KH that is being SOLD:

    This is the Teignmouth KH which they are now USING

  • scratchme1010

    Hi acording to a property website called rightmove a kingdom hall in dawlish devon is being sold off.

    another poster has told us that in liverpool two more kingdom halls are being sold off, so this has been a good week

    That's what entities in the real estate business, like the WT, do, sell properties for profit.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    wow--£350 grand for the hall being sold. so that money will build a 1000 kingdom shacks in africa.!

    you can see why the WTS is cherry picking some to be sold---not enough attending--and a nice big wad of money.

  • hoser
    Religion is a snare and a racket
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was a dub in my teens...1961-68. i lived in Birmingham UK----sometimes referred to as the "2nd city"---2nd to London in population size at that time. there were 3 circuits--and--i suppose--about 2 dozen congregations.

    very few had their own Kingdom Hall. Most met in rented private halls---schools--anywhere that was available to rent. some were really shabby .

    it was always a major achievement when a congregation finally got their own place...usually a used run down place needing a lot of time, effort--and money--to get it to a standard that would be a fine witness to jehovah. this often meant years of savings--donations--from the members. this was before the quick build era began.

    but the members were--proud ( ? ) of their achievement. it created a sense of really belonging. and new memberships were growing.

    fast forward 50 years. here we are---congregations having their halls snatched away from around them. the one in the town where i live---one of the first quick builds in the UK---the members turfed out and the place sold for half a million.

    shame on you watchtower.

    but at least it shows what you really are. pity the fools cant open their eyes and see whats going on.

  • shepherdless

    I love these KH sell-off stories.

    As Stan points out, it takes years to save for a Kingdom Hall. Given the current restrictions on how much an individual congregation can hold, and given the continual siphoning off of moneys to unknown overseas destinations (as shown in "Britain" branch and the Australian branch published financial statements) I think there will be extremely few new Kindom Halls built, at least in Western countries, in the future.

    Once they are sold, they are gone for good.

    For a lot of religions, financial problems in the centre would have much impact on the branches. If all the Islamic universities in Mecca went broke, or the Church of England in U.K., or even the Vatican, most of their respective adherents would continue as before. Their places of worship are generally locally owned, and the clergy class is usually autonomous and locally supported. However, with Watchtower effectively owning the Kingdom Halls and controlling literature and broadcasting, I wonder how the average JW would cope, if the Borg went under.

    In the short term, selling less essential KH's may make financial sense, but long term, I think by sellling off Kingdom Halls and taking the money, Watchtower is unwittingly slowly eradicating itself, in a way that is hard to reverse.

  • Vidiot

    I'm still hoping someone with the time can work up a ratio of sold-vs-built... :smirk:

  • nonjwspouse

    Selling of assets/KH = milking the cash cow.

    Always a bad sign when seen on the balance sheets of companies. It is the beginning of the end when the selling of assets are not replaced with more, growing assets.

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