Shunning of Inactive ones- JW Broadcast

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  • Theburstbubble

    I've heard the new take on shunning inactive ones. I've seen the videos from the assemblies, but a few have mentioned that it was in a broadcast. Does anyone know which broadcast it was, or a link to that section...I really don't want to have to watch the whole thing!

    Thank you

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs don't pay attention at conventions. Only real zealots will change their behavior as a result of what was said.

    I have heard that the counsel to shun was directed more so towards inactive ones persisting in wrongful conduct who "should" face a JC for their sins but have not "been caught", as opposed to those who have just fallen inactive. DOC

  • pepperheart

    if you have a look on jw broadcasting they do a lot of the videos in their own section of the websie

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have noticed in the last few years, especially since my mother passed away that certain family members ave not being overly friendly toward me. There have being little things like, wanting to come over to visit or help a family member move but have being politely told that they don't need any help. If this is the case that their minds have being poisoned against me, so be it. I now live a full life and have my own friends, without the WT BS thank you very much.

  • blondie
    My husband and I have not seen any shunning of us as inactive jws. The cart ones smile and wave at us and even give us a tract. jws we see in the stores and around don't shun I'm not sure what you mean.
  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Could be our lives are so busy and we just don't have the time to spend together. I hope they are not starting to treat me any differently.

  • BluesBrother

    No, they do not normally shun the inactive ,even now. I am still made welcome. The direction was to extend shunning to those inactive who live "immoral " lives .

    I think we all took more notice of it than they did, coming late afternoon in the programme when a lot were tired ......We shall see if it is re-emphasized.

  • Theburstbubble

    There has been a specific broadcast on it. We have had friends who have now been cut off from their family because of it. My niece (who is still in) also mentioned it to me but she couldn't remember if it was last months or the months before. I just wondered if someone had seen it or had a snippet from that broadcast rather than me having to watch numerous broadcasts which I really don't want to do!

    But the video was very specific about shunning inactive ones. You can still be polite with them but have no association at all with them. All in the name of 'love' my friends!!!

  • Theburstbubble
    I suppose it's nothing new is it really as we were always told to stop association anyway with those who left. But apparently it was a strong message in the broadcast.
  • konceptual99

    I expect there will be some reinforcement of the reminder through the pages of the WT at some point - most stuff at the conventions makes it into there at some point.

    As has been oft repeated now, there is really nothing new here, just a reminder of past counsel.

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