How the Governing Body breaks people

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  • krismalone

    We all have likely heard the expression "to break a person" and usually it's in relation to kidnappers, bullies, pimps, human traffickers and cult leaders.

    When a person is broken, their spirit, goals, aspirations, pursuits, self esteem, critical thinking and dreams are taken away. What fills that vacuum is despair, depression, low self esteem, lack of self confidence and individuality. The victim now believes that they are not worthy of enjoying life and following their dreams and personal satisfaction through personal achievements. The victim now believes that he must conform to what others " superior" to him say you must be as a person. Guilt, insecurity and belittling are constantly used to break the person and keep them in that state. This is accomplished through the meetings, publications, conventions and now jw broadcasting.

    The Governing Body has been breaking people's spirits to live and enjoy life by pursuing happiness through their constant belittling and telling their members they are not worthy of happiness without obeying them and conforming your life to revolve around their endless activities such as meetings, field service, building projects, conventions, giving donations etc etc. Members are made to feel inferior and unworthy of God's love if they do not agree with their teachings and policies. Having thinking abilities, personal ideas and pursuits that do not promote the exaltation of the cult leaders is strongly condemned and the self confidence and enjoyment of life is robbed from you. Many cave in to this abuse and give up on life and live the rest of their lives like mindless, heartless, broken brainwashed zombies that have even surrendered their right to think for themselves. These have accepted the Governing Body's imposed edict that being successful, happy, having personal achievements, higher education, pursuing what makes you happy in life is NOT your right but instead to live every second promoting the exaltation of the cult and nothing else.

    The Governing Body has broken the spirits of millions and have a toxic influence in humankind by robbing millions of their right to happiness and personal pursuits. The Governing Body's effect on the human spirit has been toxic and devastating.

  • jp1692


    See breaking sessions for more info.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I can only speak from my experience. I was never told I was a sinner. I don't remember the magazines stressing I was a sinner. No one browbeat or made me feel inferior. Even baptism for "forgiveness of sins" was not that big a deal to me. Never did I feel "broken down" by the teachings. I just don't feel this. Yes there was indoctrination in the meetings, but it was indoctrination into a publishing company that repeatedly stressed how to sell magazines and doing more, but NOT because I was inferior. It was always stressed that Jehovah was seeking those "rightly disposed" to everlasting life. If anything, from an early age, it was emphasized that we were "special" people, a people for his name. Maybe others felt like they were under duress and programing, I was not. I loved excelling in speaking and teaching. I never completely submitted to most of their negativity about life.

    I'll agree that the congregation was made up of all kinds, but I think indoctrination came easier to certain guilt filled individuals. Remember, knowing the Governing body as rock star popes is only a recent invention. I couldn't name a Governing body member for many years up till the late 80's.

  • MrRoboto

    I wonder if being born in vs coming in later will have a baring on whether someone feels they were "broken".

    As a person who fell for the bORG in my mid 20s, I can look back and see exactly how I was broken and how my thinking changed. Pretty much everything OP said applies to me but I wouldn't have a frame of reference (before bORG) to compare to if I was born in.

    Oh yes, Im just so glad that god has, through his Governng Body, extended such wonderful undeserved kindness. /puke

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    My experience as a born-in was being broken down during the years in the Borg. Can't do this or you can't do that. When coming of age and becoming adult all my decision revolved around their teachings. Interesting thoughts. Thank you. Still Totally ADD

  • Phoebe

    I was never made to feel as if I was part of a 'special people' but I was constantly made to feel inadequate and inferior. It didn't help that I had a domineering father who was always comparing my pioneering to others. 'You're not half the pioneer **** is' was a regular statement in my home. Even though I worked really hard in the ministry and once had 7 bible studies, I was never good enough.

    This was reinforced at the meetings right until last year, when I would take everything the WT said to heart and beat myself up because I wasn't 'good enough. I was a failure. A terrible JW'

    I am a fairly strong person I've coped with a lot in my life but in the end it broke me and depression, anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD were the end result.

  • scratchme1010

    I think that people's experiences are different, and people's reactions are different. I don't feel "broken", but I was traumatized by some things, being a born-in.

    I have seen people who have been devastated and have attempted suicide after sessions with the elders. What I think the WT does is nothing about people's mental health, and their practices trigger and precipitate people who have issues that they can't handle.

    They are extremely irresponsible when it comes to the well being of their people. They just don't care. Some people end up broken because of it.

  • JW_Rogue

    I think born ins are broken down as well it is just harder to recognize because it is done when you are a kid. By the time you're a teen you may feel like there is no other path for you except the WT approved one. I do remember being told how special we were and privileged to be born into the only "true" religion. Of course that also came with expectations and shame if they weren't met.

  • Finkelstein

    Answer = lie to them and exploit their weaknesses, which usually involves their education or intelligence.

  • usedtobenotanymore

    I agree with Wasanelder Once and Scratchme1010. Perhaps it effects people differently. I was born in and always made to feel like we were "special", look at all those poor lost people out there in the world, they're not happy and the ones that seem happy, it's not real happiness, just surface empty pursuit of instant gratification. Or if they seem deeply genuinely happy it's just based on their false beliefs and not really founded.

    I excelled at ministry work, talks in the hall, was very social in the congregation. I was kind of a golden witness child, turning down academic opportunities to pioneer right out of high school, put on a pedestal by my parents and friends as someone serving Jehovah wholeheartedly. Of course, I was doing it for the accolades and backpatting, not for God.

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