Episode 7 - Getting Healthy and Waking Up of This JW Life is up now....

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  • dubstepped

    First I just want to say that I'm up over 5000 downloads now, which is awesome! I'm hearing from exjws and people with JW family members or friends and people that are just curious. Just 10 days ago the show crossed the 3000 download mark, and it has gone up 2000 in 10 days! It blows my mind. I've also got some reviews on iTunes, which helps it rank in their algorithm. We're nearing the end of my personal story. I have one, maybe two more episodes on that. Likely two, and then that next week I'm going on vacation for my 40th birthday and second one out of the cult, so I'm excited. Then I'll regroup and see where to take the show further, likely into helping other people tell their stories.

    Episode 7 of This JW Life is now up. In it you will learn how I went from an unhealthy and suicidal Jehovah’s Witness to a happy and healthy human being. I list exact books and podcasts that helped me in my journey to overcome the toxic and dysfunctional life that I had been given from my cult upbringing. Whether you’re a recovering cult member or just your average person that has been blessed to never go through my experience, you can learn from this episode. This healthy information is something that everyone can benefit from, and I hope that you find something that improves your life in this episode.

    Find links to the books and podcasts that I reference as well as the podcast itself if you want to stream it on my site at:


    You can also subscribe on iTunes or Google Play our your podcatcher of choice, mine is Podcast Republic.

  • scratchme1010

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.


    Hi Dubstepped

    Thats cool will listen to it tonight !!

    I wanted to say to you that your last podcast was awesome it must have been really hard to record.

    Even though your not being seen visually (like on youtube) it must be still hard to say some things out loud.

    Its funny that I find when I find myself speaking about my past, particularly if it has been a tough event or

    something that happened to us that wasn't nice, when we speak it out loud it kind of makes it more real and we

    relive it all over again. I find that myself, anyway, even if it happened 20 years ago or longer.

    We can have the memories but by just speaking about it, the memories relive again.

    Sometimes my wife and I when discussing our JW past this happens to us...lol. But by not speaking about it how

    else do we move on, its a long healing process but we are all getting there slowly but surely.

    Anyway looking forward to it and thanks again for taking the time to record these !!

    Cheers WGO.

  • dubstepped

    You're all welcome. It is hard to relive this stuff, not only when I think about the episode for the week, but when I write it down, and then again when I record it and say these things aloud, particularly that last one. It was a dark hole to go down again.

    It's okay though, because it helps other people. And this week I get to contrast it with something more positive and provide helpful resources.

    Such is the yin and yang of life. Have to take the bad with the good.

  • nonjwspouse

    I've started listening you your podcasts. One traveling an hour our of town. and lots today while catching up on some previous ones and getting financial work done. I've not yet listened to the latest.

    Thank you for all your efforts!

  • dubstepped

    You're very welcome njws! You've been around here long enough to know so much more than most, but hopefully something strikes you in a new way if nothing else and gives you added insight.

  • nonjwspouse

    Yes, it already has.

    There is always more to learn, or different paradigms to learn about.

    Thank you for your obvious dedication to this cause.

  • Phoebe

    I have loved listening to you. I don't want it to end!

    You made me smile when you talked about self help books and psychologists. My husband was made to get rid of all his self help books when he started studying and in the past year I've been seeing a psychologist against the wishes of the COBE who said it was 'dangerous'. However, when I insisted on going a 'friendly elder's wife' had a word in my ear to tell me not to mention I was a witness as 'there was no need for my psychologist to know about that'

    Naturally, I didn't take their advice and told the psychologist everything!

  • dubstepped

    @Phoebe - It is so damaging how they push people to avoid help, and if they must get help, just don't mention the most dysfunctional and abusive thing in your life, them.

    I'm glad you like my story. Unfortunately it will end soon, though maybe I'll give updates from time to time. I am trying to research how to interview and record remotely over Skype and such so that I can continue the show in some way. I make no promises, and I totally get not wanting it to go away. I've been disappointed by all of my favorite exjw shows that went away too.

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