How did they live with themselves?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    How do you think they lived with themselves?

    How do you think that the Israelite soldiers that were ordered by King David to take Uriah to the front lines and then retreat behind him so the enemy could slaughter him live after that event? Were they okay and at peace?

    These soldiers knew Uriah as a man of integrity and a loyal soldier. They served side by side with him in battle. Many of them probably were personal friends with Uriah and his wife Bathsheba. Were they just obeying orders from their king? Did they not have a conscience? Did their “loyalty” to their king make them blood guilty? Do you think that they really thought that Uriah was guilty of some horrific crime and deserving of death?

    I have the same thoughts and questions about the GB members when they threw Ray Franz “under the bus”! How did they live with themselves?

    just saying!

  • sparrowdown

    David probably arranged for all who were involved in the murder and cover up to die in a "tragic chariot accident" by his secret service black ops guys.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Whether in the 1980's or 3,000 years before that, surrendering your conscience to a religion has resulted in many the atrocity.

  • Ireneus

    They had no problem because they were worshipping a fictitious God who commanded Abraham to slaughter his only child.

  • zeb

    they were.........'just obeying orders'............

  • Drearyweather

    It may not have stirred many consciences.

    As per the Biblical account, Joab was given the instructions to position Uriah in the battlefield. Joab himself was an opportunist and an unscrupulous man, so his conscience may not have hurt.

    Also, Uriah was not the only one who died. The story says that many other Israelites perished along with him. So for other rank and file, Uriah's death must have looked like an ordinary soldiers death and his positioning on the battlefield was likely considered as a war strategy.

  • waton

    David is a favoured of wt writers, Cropping up again and again. we can see why. see OP above.

    He is supposed to be a man of "jehovah's heart. and got away with being responsible with 10 000s of deaths.

    Wt writers think that they will be exonerated too.

  • smiddy3

    This post brings up other serious questions as well as the O.P. that J.W`s like to gloss over or not even think about at all .

    1. the Israelites were Gods chosen people he sanctions them to engage in war however he does not protect them in warfare they have casualties and people died as in this case and many others that are outlined in the Old Testament ,the Hebrew Scriptures.

    That J.W.`s love to quote from however you never hear about these ones .

    2. How do you think Jehovah`s people lived with themselves when ordered by Jehovah to commit genocide against a nation such as the Amalakites .the Hittites , the Jebusites and whoever else ,to slaughter man ,woman and child ,but put them to the sword and feel not sorry for them .?

    How would you feel killing somebody with a sword pushing the blade into somebody`s body a woman or a child or even a man and then pulling the blade out and then doing it all over again multiple times ?

    3. Do you think it wouldn`t affect you ? mentally ? or physically ? Psychologically ?

    4. How did these people ever live with themselves ?

    5.Do Jehovah`s Witnesses ever think about these issues or even ponder over these things ? Arent they issues they should be concerned about and how to react to them ?

    Is this a GOD who loves the world so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for ?

    The God of the" Old Testament" and the God of the "New Testament" are just not compatible .

  • eyeuse2badub

    The bible and the very idea of love, compassion, and basic humanity are just not compatible.

    After I realized ttatt, I read the bible without my 'watchtower colored glasses". IMHO, the bible is nothing more than Jewish mythology, written by Jews, for Jews. When I say Jews, I mean Jewish religionists not people of Jewish decent. Needless to say, the bible has no real meaning for me any longer.

    So damn liberating to not be influenced by Jewish Mythology any longer!

    just saying!

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