JW's had a reason for wanting to be banned in Russia?

by Terry 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • stillMS

    Diogenesister - Putin has far more control than the GB can even dream of.

    Regarding this guy, Zelda - it might be that he's knowledgeable. It's just this video that shows the opposite. And honestly, I have absolutely no desire to investigate this guy's knowledge any further.

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "The onslaught of millions of letters clogging the Russian official's mail system was sabotage deliberately goading - poking the 'bear' - to react negatively and make a martyr by banning them (for cause)."

    You know...

    ...I can actually imagine the WT leadership doing this.

  • Vidiot

    Hell... these days, it feels like they're trying to passive-aggressively provoke everyone to some degree or other.

    Of course (as I've said many times)...

    ...going around jabbing people in the eye with a stick and then whining when you get a beatdown for it doesn't actually make you a martyr.

    It just makes you an asshole.

  • Terry

    Mystery. Suspense. Shadowy behind-the-scenes figures - for decades, the GB
    were the Great and Powerful OZ.
    Suddenly - a puff of Mephistopheles smoke!
    A clown car arrives and bumbling dolts appear in a fake TV studio acting like
    dull, unburnished accountants rushed in to emcee jobs beyond their talent or
    These Governing Boobies feel like bored insurance salesmen on cable, selling term insurance pre-disaster.
    I just wonder how 3rd and 4th generation JW's handle this sudden reveal of
    plain vanilla jelly beans posing as mystical demi-gods?

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