Evolution vs Creation.

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  • Viviane
    Anyway with the greatest respect Vivianne I believe many " people" come here looking for answers, yet with your sharp and logical mind, I believe many "people" leave here not understanding your fascinating and compassionate heart.

    what does an answer have to do with my heart? If you ask what 2+2 is, the answer has nothing to do with whether or not some is a murderer or a social worker.

    Well I gave it my most positive shot, because I am sure no past or present poster has thought you evil, but surviving with you is a challenge :-)

    I've no idea what you mean. I am sure some people do think I am evil. So what? What do I care if someone values feeling good over reality?

    What makes a poster feel qualified to comment with absolute authority on any subject?

    What makes you think anyone even slightly educated in logic would fall for this strawman?

    Or, to put it another way, what makes a poster feel qualified to comment on other posters with absolute authority, such as this OP?

  • scratchme1010

    Looking at the board, I see so many long threads on " Evoultion vs Creation " ect, ect.

    Therefore if " YOUR" qualifications are only those of " an" uneducated J.W, may I ask one question?

    Q) What makes you feel you are now qualified to comment with absolute ,authority on any discussion?

    I ask the above question because for most of us " ex-witnesses " logic is still words written in the pages of an awake" magazine. So whilst FACTS, and images are great,the vehicle that will remove cognitively baffled minds should eventually be from " threads" or "posters," who can proove their credibility.

    This is a forum open to everyone who signs up for it and abides the forum rules. Considering what this is, that means that there are a few realities that should be considered:

    1. Not everybody is in the same place emotionally, educationally, physically, or morally. People share based on what their perception of reality is. Expecting people to respond and post everything they say according one person's perception of how things should be is an exercise in futility.
    2. If I believe one or another thing, I am sure I'll have my reasons, not all scientific, not all based on the bible, not all based on emotion. That's just how life is.
    3. Some people are in different "stages" (for lack of a better word) of their process; some people are still questioning things, some people's believes have never been challenged before, and some people just hate to be proven wrong (that's pretty much every other American I know).
    4. When I share something, I always have a reason why for everything I state. Some people don't and that's perfectly fine with me. If another person chooses to believe otherwise, who am I to attack them. The opposite is true too. I do listen and read, but if I disagree I just disagree and explain why. To me that's the end of it.

    The argument of somebody acting as if they are some kind of absolute authority in any matter can be used in any direction, after all, it is expected that people post what they believe and are convinced is their reality.

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