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  • berrygerry

    I recognize what both posters are saying.

    John Davis is correct, and the OP does have a point in his own way.

    For me, the bigger question has not been asked:

    "Why is God's neutral organization involving itself in something that is PURELY a political matter.?" It would have been no different for Jesus to have joined in with the Jews protesting against Roman taxation.

  • Fisherman

    The point is that the Court decision will affect the legal interests on the intervenor whether they are bedfellows or not with one of the litigants. Being bedfellows is a seperate issue and being an intervenor does not make such a bedfellow to one of the parties.

    The Moslems Association lawyer, an amicus curiae at this related Appeal made the statement that the church uses a cloak as a front to disguise what they are really about, or something to that effect, Mr Gnam though, addressed that statement refuting it and stating that it was very offensive -not a bedfellowish things to say about each other. It is about the Court decision and not about the relationship between the parties, everyone can hang as far as anyone cares --after the favorable legal decision is rendered. It does not seem proper though if JW joined in with BTG to achieve a common interest, but that ain't what they are doing here. They didn't join forces sort of speak to get the Court decision passed.


    It's only tenuous if we are putting on our legal goggles.

    From a born-in/"one true religion" standpoint, it's pure hypocrisy, as were the Swaggart, U.N incidents.

    The hypocritical WTBTS Inc. does what every other religious corporation does, which is to protect itself at all costs.

    If the New Testament has any valid lessons for our day, it's the constant orgy between the Kings, Merchants, and the Whore of Organized Religion.


  • _Morpheus

    Sigh.... let me try this in a simplified way..

    swaggert didnt ask the wt for help. He didn't know them on any personal level and most importantly he couldnt have stopped the wt from filing by any means.

    The wt didnt give a damn about jimmy nor did they ask his permission to file amicus. Jimmy could have rotted in hell for they cared. They understood the legal ramifications for themselves and filed on their own behalf. This is not a difficult concept.

    Similarly, the wt did not ask for this amicus to be filed in the current case. They could not have stopped it even if they knew about it, which they may not have.... there is absolutely no relationship between these parties beyond a comon legal standing.

    Sigh... never mind. Its all a big conspiracy. Somebody run and tell the press! Theres a court case involving the wt and some other random sudo religious legal group thinks it impact them! Tell slim the wt is finally folding! I call dips on the sound system from my local hall, you guys can have everything else.

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