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  • Listener

    A new video on JW org TV titled Do Not Hold a Grudge is presented by GB's oldest member Gerrit Losch.

    This is just another representation of the standard of talks prepared and given by the highest level of authority and position within the JW Organization. They desperately need help, not even their complete rebranding can save them from themselves.

    Some of this GB member's gems about holding a grudge include -

    - What can lead to a grudge? Not receiving certain privileges that one had counted on, seemingly or actually having been reproved unjustly or too severly, criticism and specially repeated criticism.

    As mentioned numerous times on this forum, if you've been unjustly hurt, you are being told that you have to deal with it, it is your attitude that needs changing.
    - Bible stories show that holding a grudge can lead to murder or wanting to murder. He mentions numerous examples from the Bible

    This is a pretty extreme consequence of holding a grudge and rarely applies.

    - If you can stop holding a grudge talk to the person who has upset you or talk to a trusted friend. Don't talk to anyone else as it can cause divisions within the congregation or the family.

    Does this mean you can talk to the Elder/s that unjustly treated you? They will only tell you to suck it up and be more humble, nothing is solved in doing this and can actually make things worse.
    - applying the so called 'silent treatment', it's a definite obstacle to communication and sometimes the victim uses this as some kind of punishment but it doesn't always mean that and the Watchtower 2006 Sept 15 pg 23 paragraph 16 explains this.

    He's not wrong with these comments, it's clear that the organization sees shunning as a form of punishment.

    - if someone accidentally stabs you with a literal sword it still hurts, "therefore, dispense with talking intense, intense expressions really cause offence, this really makes sense, doesn't it?"

    The audience laughs at this due to all the rhyming - intense, offence, sense.

    "Intense talk is like a storm, gentle talk, like a gentle breeze. Intense talk is like a rock concert, gentle talk, like pleasant music. Intense talk is like an avalanche or a blizzard, gentle talk is like beautiful, quiet snowfall. Intense talk is like pouring a bucket of water on a newly planted flower, gentle talk is like gentle rain so lets all be gentle men and gentle women"

    Losch doesn't even attempt to explain what intense talk is. The dictionary defines 'intense' as

    "having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious."

    In itself, there is nothing wrong with intense talk, there are times when it is the most effective way to express something that is important. But even the examples that he gives are just nonsense and don't make any sense in trying to explain why intense talk is not appropriate

    - "blurting leads to hurting"

    More rhyming, such wonderful gems.

    - "switch on the mind before you start operating the mouth"

    It might of helped if Losch applied this in preparation of his talk.

    "Here's a scary quote from the Insight Book 'an individual is condemned by God if he bears a grudge for real or fancied wrongs done to himself or someone else' It's that serious, it means to be grieving the holy spirit"

    It's scary indeed to think that a person can be unjustly disciplined or dealt with by the Elders when there is very little in place to rectify matters appropriately and then told that they are now condemned by God.

    - "resist the urge to be sarcastic and keep your volume down but as the watchtower said 'even whispered words can be argumentative if they are irritating or demeaning"

    I don't think he has listened to any of Rutherford's thundering speeches.

    - "don't let grudge pull you into a sludge...grudge..is like rust that slowly corrodes the body of a car, the car outside may appear beautiful, but under the paint there is a problem"

    Seriously, a grudge will pull you into a sludge, the rhyming is very, very bad and even worse, he wouldn't do it if he didn't think that it was wonderful.

    The analogy doesn't make sense. I understand that a grudge could be likened to rust that slowly corodes but why is he likening it to the body of a car that looks beautiful on the outside? What is the car supposed to represent?

    - "love keeps out resentment and grudge, as a good roof, keeps out rain and love never fails"

    Losch stuffed up with this comment, he was relying too much on his notes and would have meant that love was like a good roof keeping out rain.

  • Heartsafire

    Ugh to this talk. It is so silly. Of course they have to make up rhymes to woo the audience. We're talking about people who watch jdubya.borg for entertainment and follow the lead of cartoons in their worship *ahem* Caleb and Sophia.

  • exjwlemming

    I hold a grudge against Losch for being a coward and not facing his deposition, "letting his light shine", giving a witness, and defending the good news. Instead, he shrieked his responsibility and helped to empty the coffers of funds donated for the world wide work from hardworking and nearly destitute families. Hide in your ivory tower away from the real world.

  • WTWizard

    Now, suppose the person/scumbag you are holding the grudge against did something to ruin your life, on purpose, and intending for that to happen? You are supposed to forgive that? I don't think so.

    Or, perhaps I should apply this to Losch having to forgive Satan for trying to ruin the washtowel in order to free up mankind. Notably, Satan is against religions that enslave people. Losch is intentionally trying to damn souls, another thing Satan is against. Of course, Satan is going to be pxxxed at this--and eventually will put a curse on this scumbag (and the others working with it). Applying this reasoning, they are obligated to forgive Satan for putting them out of commission, on purpose.

    And with those scumbags out of the way, maybe some of those trapped within the washtowel will be within Satan's reach to liberate. These will know when to forgive (someone did something wrong, without intending anything bad, or accidents or mistakes) and when not (when someone is consistently spiteful and acting to ruin your life). I, for one, would rather be able to put curses on those scumbags that worked tirelessly to ruin my life, ruining theirs in turn--and using the energy of Mars and Saturn to do so.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Gee, and how many bible references did he use? He quoted from their highly esteemed Insight book.

    Rhyming, wow. Budge, grudge, sludge.... Oooooh. You are immersed in the mudge, MrLosch, and after you they shall trudge...

  • stuckinarut2

    So "we" cant hold a grudge for the years wasted supporting a society based on strange foundations, and supported by a high-control cult like method of operation!?

    No, "we" must forgive.

    Just like "they" forgive those who leave due to researching facts about the society?!

  • ttdtt

    Drivel drivel drivel... BUT the SUBTEXT is all about - You Cant Blame Elders for there F-Ups - You Cant Blame the GB for their Many Many F-ups.

    Thats all its about.

    You just have to take it.

    Shut up and sit down!

  • sir82

    And of course the primary intention....

    To all you JWs who are survivors of child abuse.....stop filing those lawsuits! It's wrong to hold a grudge against the elders who raped you.

  • wifibandit
  • poopie

    Very hypocritical silent treatment is cruel and unloveing but he practices shunning himself.

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