wt is wrong, the "generation" must be the wicked.

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  • waton

    wt wants the generation of 1914 to end soon. always has. but making the generation anointed contradicts Jesus. because

    Jesus said that the end generation would pass away after all these things, including Armageddon has occurred so, when will the wicked ( non wt believers) pass away? well,

    according to wt, living past Armageddon, you are in paradise, 1000 years without dying. The crunch comes with the post millennium final test. ca 3075 CE. again:

    The end generation can not be the anointed because they have to die before Armageddon.

    but once past Armageddon, as Jesus predicted, the wicked, hiding wickedly, could last another 1000 plus years, no overlapping needed. 3075 here they come.

    and dont say the generation are the sheep, wt says they will never die, but Jesus said the generation will pass away.

    and dont say it can't happen, it can, because all rebels at that time will be ex- citizens of the 1000 year wt reich,

    with all its benefits, perhaps 1000+ years old. how else would they get there?

    a 1000 year long generation, no overlap needed.

  • Listener

    That's good reasoning.

    The final lot of 'anointed' JWs will not pass away, they will be changed in a twinkling of the eye

  • waton
    The final lot of 'anointed' JWs will not pass away, they will be changed in a twinkling of the eye

    L: When the scriptures say " will not pass away' i take that to mean from the earthly scene, the domaine of the living actors. and

    in case of the "anointed" pass on to their heavenly reward .

    whether it happens in Planck time, they have passed from here to there.

    taking it all , including the talking snake , seriously here, for argument's sake,

  • Bobcat

    If you look at how Jesus (and by extension, the writer of Matthew used "generation" throughout the book, then, "this generation" has long ago passed away. This (off site) post has a number of links to research I posted on this issue. It includes links to how Matthew uses "generation" in the whole book of Matthew, in the more immediate context of the Olivet Discourse, in the illustration that summarizes that portion of the Olivet Discourse, and in a comparison with Rev 16:16-21.

    I have no doubt that it can only refer to the contemporaneous Jews of Jesus' time. So that all the verbose WT waffling about who and when it refers to is worth less than the ink used to print it.

  • waton
    is worth less than the ink used to print it.

    B. of course, since the whole concept has as a foundation the talking snake story.

    However, it is worth its weight in gold when showing the folly in wt's promise of everlasting life in paradise for the current generation alive, tied to the 1914 kingdom rule. so:

    Here is the scenario for a 1 123 year long lasting wicked generation in current wt doctrine.

    Really old ladies in 4 care homes, in Southern France, Sardinia, Okinawa and Loma Linda*, give the "proverbial cup of water" to jw caregivers, or visitors, so as to get their assured "prophet's reward." (Math.10:42)

    They were babies in 1914, now feeling satisfied near their 120 birthday celebration . . Medical art has improved, the year is 2034.

    Armageddon strikes, and despite the candles on the cakes, they must be shielded as per bible promises.
    They navigate successfully the new laws in the "new scrolls" of the wt millenium, but find themselves in the four corners of the Earth, during the "final test", sympathising with the dissenters there. As a generation that saw all these things occuring and more, they die, looking like teenagers, like Eve. There it is,

    the 1 123 year old wicked generation, better than the overlapping anointed, already false wt prophecy.

    * A stronghold of a "Babylon the Great" branch.

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