My Day Is Over

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Infinite night gracefully descends and takes me into her
    Welcomed embrace.

    I have no reason to fear the inevitable,
    That transition into a higher and
    More glorious state

    Than allowed me upon this
    Beautiful but angst-filled

    I rejoice in what has been
    Prepared from early on.
    I await the call . . .

  • smiddy

    Always enjoy your posts CoCo , not that I "get " poetry at all , it just goes over my head .

    But i like to think I read between the lines Your a fine and a sensitve person .

    Have you had much or any success in getting any family members out of the Borg ?

    Take care.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Always nice to hear from you, smiddy!

    Sort of half and half re family. My entire family followed me in pre-1975. But it's the next generation that never got baptized, or left. At least I can talk to them. Thanks for asking.

    About the poetry I write: It's simply acceptance of what I believed and lived for nearly 50 years. But now, a new start. My old life is over and I welcome whatever new might come my way. Physically, we are old and our lives are almost over, despite what we were taught about living forever. As my poem suggests, maybe Heaven is a possibility and that ain't so bad.

    Best wishes to you and yours! I appreciate your kind words and, likewise, enjoy getting your perspective on things.


    Your words however did get my attention - with a tinge of panic !

    Mrs has also found poetry to be a great outlet for her - post JW. Org - and is busy compiling an anthology of all her poetry to date.

    Its a lovely winter day in Cape Town today and we will peak just shy of 30 deg C !

  • prologos

    Infinite night gracefully descends and takes me into her

    enjoy the sunset.

  • Village Idiot
  • Vidiot

    It's very nice...

    ...but... it just me, or does anyone else kinda get the feeling that this is the kind of poem a terminally ill person would write when he or she had reached the "acceptance" stage?

  • prologos
    V: when he or she had reached the "acceptance" stage?

    We hope that coco is not at that point, with the possible painful and short future ahead, but there is something special coming to terms with old age, doing a task, and asking, would it be worthwhile if it would be the last time I did it? and watching sunsets in the ocean, and seeing the last point of light fade out, the earth turning east. Realizing your life will go out like that., but beauty for others left to watch.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, ZAPPA-ESQUE, prologos, Village Idiot, and Vidiot for comments. Much appreciated!

    The photos, too -- I wanna travel!

    [. . .] this is the kind of poem a terminally ill person would write when he or she had reached the "acceptance" stage?

    Good thought, Vidiot.

    Yes, you're correct. A few times in the recent past I was seriously ill, and I thought and acted accordingly. But, it appears, I recovered! Likewise, having been through the so-called stages of grieving, I have arrived at acceptance -- the last stage. I am so there.

    No more denial or bargaining or anger . . .


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    There's a video called russian man with crazy voice

    I think it's appropriate here

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