What I Noticed At An Event During This Week. . . . . .

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  • HiddlesWife

    I attended an event this week with my usual closest relatives, which was inside a community center-ish venue with a backyard area. It was given by my cousin's best friend. She invited around 50 people of all age groups and racially-mixed. There was a large buffet, lots of music from SPOTIFY or PANDORA on her niece's device plus various games being played (i.e., spades, online charades, etc.).

    What I noticed was how some of the friends were dressed: There was a sister who had multiple ear piercings (3 within her lower lobe and 2 within her upper lobe). Also, she had a small nose piercing in one of her nostrils (the jewel was very cute, btw). In the midst of our conversation, she told me that she is a regular pioneer and has been for 6 years! Furthermore, the niece (of the sister-hostess) and two of her friends (20-25 year olds) were sporting midriff/belly tops with no bras. A few of the young brothers there were hanging around them a whole lot. In addition, there was three other sisters and two other brothers (sisters in there 30-40s; brothers 20-30s) with multiple finger rings--1 or 2 on each finger and thumbs. Some there were also complimenting them on their choice of jewelry during the day.

    I hope that I'm not sounding like a complainer or a prude, but didn't the BORG a while back give talks and had info re: dress and grooming, even during times of recreation? I remember when I wanted a second ear piercing (I was in my 20s at the time), an elder's wife overheard me telling this to another 20-ish sister, who had a second piercing herself. The next thing I knew the COs wife took me aside with my mother to tell me that "It does not look good or spiritual for a sister to do so, particularly if you want to become a full-time servant in Jehovah's organization".

    Moreover, the music played there was really what some of the brothers and sisters who were and are in the congs I associated with would call "questionable". I like R&B, rap and hip-hop as well, but most of the songs at the event were gangsta-gangsta. Many of the friends rapped and danced to this during the festivities without a care in the world. Only one sister (around 60-65ish) mentioned that "a lot of cuss words are being repeated too many times" in a couple of songs.

    So, all in all, I've been noticing a whole lot of changes in the BORG when it comes to a plethora of things. I and many others have been given sooo many dos and don'ts/restrictions throughout the years; and now I see a great amount of differences in the manner in which a number of R&F live their lives. Have anyone else notice similar things going on, too?

  • Vidiot

    More and more bending the rules.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    In 1974 it was "disco" parties. They did the "Hustle" and wore bell bottomed pants, scandalous. 99% of those people are no longer witnesses. Things don't change much really. There are always those who flaunt their love for fads and trends. There will always be those who clamp down on them out of self righteous concern for their survival of the big A. Its all such a waste of breath.

  • Vidiot
    Wasanelder - "In 1974 it was 'disco' parties. They did the 'hustle' and wore bell bottomed pants..."

    Don't forget whitefros and porno 'staches.

    * shudder *

  • ToesUp

    "Satan is influenceing so many!" Lol

    Before we made our exit, a Sister (Elders wife) told me a couple of JW acquaintances had belly button rings. I told her that the org doesn't support that. She looked at me like I just landed from Mars. I truly believe these people don't know what WT promotes. I think during meetings and assemblies they are thinking about who is going and where they are going for dinner and their next vacation. Like I said before, this is an al a carte cult. Pick and choose what you want to follow.

  • rebel8

    Yes but there is punishment if you dine a la carte in this group.

    That's what distinguishes mainstream religions from cults. There is currently a Jew scientist claiming she doesn't believe in a god and that's perfectly consistent with Jewish beliefs (LOL). She won't be shunned, lose her job, family and housing. Nothing bad will happen to her. If a JW said they didn't believe in god, all of those things would happen.

    Piercing used to be a fringe activity that got you labeled as 'bad association'. If you did it too much, you could lose privileges and even be reproofed for stumbling others.

    I don't remember if I got my piercings after leaving the borg or not. I do remember knowing I was going to be regarded as a bad person for having them, and mine are tame.

  • Giordano

    "this is an al a carte cult".....that's excellant.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What do you mean my piercing is inappropriate brother?

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