Ectopic pregnancy

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  • Crazyguy

    WT says it’s a life as soon as the egg is fertilized, yet 25% of all these are aborted because they didn’t attach properly to the uterine wall so Jehovah is the world biggest baby killer of all time!

  • stuckinarut2

    What an idiot of a Circuit Overseer! I give you credit for remaining dignified and polite as you reasoned with him.

    I would have called him ignorant!

    I know of a Regular Pioneer and wife of an Elder who had an ectopic pregnancy and had it taken care of. No congregational punitive measures were leveled at them.

  • pale.emperor

    My ex-wife had an ectopic pregnancy in the first year of our marriage. She was given methotrexate to "flush out" the embyro.

    We never consulted any elder nor researched Watchtower library. It's absolutely absurd to put the mother in danger when the embryo wont develop naturally anyway.

  • TD

    This is from the March 15, 1975 issue of The Watchtower:

    "Similarly, in some cases a fertilized ovum implants and begins to grow in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Such a tubal ectopic pregnancy cannot develop fully in this small tube; in time it will terminate with the rupture of the tube and the death of the embryo. If this condition is detected in advance, doctors usually treat it by removing the affected fallopian tube before it ruptures. A Christian woman with a tubal pregnancy can decide whether to accept this operation. Normally she undoubtedly would be willing to face any risks of pregnancy so that her child could live. But with a tubal pregnancy she faces a grave risk while there is no possibility that the embryo can continue to live and a child be born." (Emphasis mine)

    The bad medical advice of JW's makes me angry, but it's even worse when they don't even know what their own church teaches

  • stuckinarut2

    Just to re-iterate: That Circuit Overseer is a stupid idiot!

  • Whynot

    TD thank you for the article.

    It's crazy how ignorant he is. This happened while the class was in session so I had to keep my cool lol

  • scruffmcbuff

    I think id be very weary taking medical advice from a window licker... CLEANER. I meant cleaner.

  • sparrowdown

    Anybody taking the advice of a CO or the charlatans that employ him is an idiot.

    BTW pioneer "school" isn't really a school and elders are not teachers or doctors.

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