Oct 2021 Time Capsule

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  • stuckinarut2

    Who knows!

    But one thing is for sure, as the opening post pointed out, the changes will be huge compared to current things.

    5 years has seen monumental differences in the society.....

  • freddo

    They will only change when outside events force them to. Remember they have a two-thirds majority decision making process at GB level.

    These events might be:

    A. Falling revenue stream via lack of contributions/law suits.

    B. Falling membership which will feed into A.

    Wildcards - very unlikely indeed - might be a really disgruntled "cell" of ex-jw's who do a terrorist act on a GB member or on HQ, or a grab for power/legal ownership or a schism by a faction in HQ or a Branch in a foreign country.

  • sir82

    There was no JW. org,

    The WTS has had a net presence since the late 90's. It was "Watchtower. org", and of course not nearly as prominent as JW. org, but it was there.

  • dozy

    On the assumption that the main drivers behind Society changes are financial and legal pressures , I would imagine that the magazines and publications will increasingly be online only rather than printed. Further Bethel closures worldwide to reduce the "footprint" in all but the prime , core countries ( such as USA , Germany & UK. )

    Doctrinally , looking at the "looney tunes" make-up of the current GB - I would imagine an increasing of the volume condemning "worldly" influences. I suspect that we may have reached "Peak JW" - certainly in the first world - and there will be quite severe drops in membership with a lot of younger ones deciding to fade on & the older ones (who increasingly make up the bulk of JWs ) dying off.

  • millie210

    I believe the rumor we have heard that they hired a consulting service.

    With that in mind I think they will start their own version of a Brigham Young University. They will convert some already existing property in to a campus OR that will be the next big building project.

    Witnesses will pay tuition to get their kids a college education.

    This will solve two problems for them. It will keep born in kids away from universities and will divert that income into Org coffers.

    I think they will also begin offering trips to the Holy Land type travel arrangements. I dont think they will literally BE to the Holy Land - just modeled after the way religions today do those kind of travel trips.

    Perhaps they will arrange conventions in odd places and arrange travel trips there. Any place they want to throw dollars at and create excitement while charging money to do it under their umbrella.

    I can see them allowing for a "provision" of travel missionary" or "travel pioneer" where you pay big bucks for a trip and get to be pioneer for a day/week/month while on the cruise or flight or train trip.

    It is another spin on what was mentioned in an above post $$ for service time.

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