new letter about cuts london

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  • WingCommander

    "However, Kingdom Halls will continue to be built or renovated in proportion to whatever the brothers are able to contribute for this purpose."

    Say WHAT? So after the GB raped the Congregations savings accounts, under the guise of, "we'll just hold all this extra money for you under safe keeping in our accounts", now when a Congregation needs their own money back to renovate and/or build a new KH, they are being told they are own their own? To save up again, and pay for it all on their own? Where is the money you stole from the Congregations, you charlatans?

    What a bunch of crooks!!!!! Total crooks. I'm astounded at the audacity of such a statement. How about giving some back, you greedy cocks*ckers!! They took it ALL, now tell the Flock they are basically own their own? Man oh man......the handwriting is on the wall!!!!!!! I'd be out the door if I were JW.....more than just voting with my wallet, I'd actually physically get up out of the chair, leave the books and crap, and leave the KH, never to return! This is a total money grab, a con, and the joke is on the rank-n-file who are still dumb enough to contribute to the luxury of the leaders at the top.

  • Pubsinger
    Does anyone know of any Special Pioneers who have been 'released' in the UK since these cutbacks were announced?
  • krejames

    So after giving a carefully worded press statement that the Chelmsford construction would be going ahead as planned, they are now saying it will be reduced in scope. Hmmm 😉

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