Judge orders Jehovah’s Witness to release molestation files

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  • truth_b_known

    The legal term in U.S. courts for the person or persons responsible for records is "Custodian of Records". It is at least one person. That person is required to appear and turn over documents. That person can be held in contempt and placed in jail until such time the presiding judge sees fit. Often, after a day or two of CHC Therapy (Cold Hard Concrete), the person in contempt is brought back before the judge and asked if they are ready to comply. If not, repeat step 1.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I am not defending Watchtower in this by this statement. it is just merely a statement of fact. The Padron appeal will be heard in oral arguments on October 11, 2017 and the decision from the appeals court will be rendered within 90 days from the oral arguments.

  • Listener

    I was just looking at an appeal case lodged by the Highgate Congregation in Canada regarding a disfellowshipped guy and noticed that they cite cases to support their own case that include other religions. By their own standards they are defending themselves by using false religions.

  • waton

    Not in any way defending the truly disgusting actions, and the failure of the whole wt hierarchie from elders up, but

    For the sake of one court case to demand access to the confidential file of all alleged suspected child rape cases, is over reaching, a thinly disguised phishing attempt. One case at a time please. Imagine the exposure of the wrongfully accused.

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