Foreign Language Field and Fading

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  • NoviceLocs14

    Hey guys.

    First of all, I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and helpful on this forum...

    I was thinking about my last 3 years as a JW when I was attending the Portuguese congregation and learning that language to bring in more converts. Interestingly, we were told NOT to attend meetings in our native language in order to immerse ourselves in the new language. We were only to attend Portuguese meetings, assemblies, memorials and conventions.

    I later realized that this allowed me to be deprogrammed from the JW indoctrination. Since I never truly became fluent in the foreign language I was learning, I couldn't fully grasp the information on the platform. This, in addition to the fact I was secretly living a "double life" by dating my non-JW husband, made me feel less inclined to attend every single meeting.

    So to those who have attended foreign language meetings or have been part of that field, what have been your experiences? And did you find that they aided or prevented you from being "de-brainwashed"?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, the same thing happened to me. I was focusing on the learning of the language and I didn't keep getting the cult "language" down my throat.

    Thanks for sharing such a story.

  • waton

    It prevented my in-born children to fully indoctrinated ( Most of the brainwashing happens at meetings, not at home) so: My daughter had reams of notes of scripture numbers without ever knowing their content > One day she said " Hey they are saying "satan"" ha ha. We did not follow the wt's order for special pioneers to start using the territory's language at home.

    Highly recommended, join a foreign language group! and: bye bye!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Hey, that gives me hope that my nephew will quit the cult soon. He has to travel six hours to go to his Portuguese conventions (L.A. to San Francisco). That's a crazy waste of time, money and energy. A life wasted

  • NoviceLocs14

    @Never a JW, yeah, I had to travel from Atlanta to South Florida for my Portuguese assemblies, a 10 hour drive. But it was fun in a sense, because it became a mini vacation. A lot of the JWs in that congregation were young as well, so we all tried to have as much fun as we were allowed to lol.

    Shoot, I wonder if we'd get more people to leave if we tell them to join a foreign language congregation than telling them they're in a bar $#!t cray cray cult 😂

  • Khaleesi

    I fluctuated between English & learning Spanish, well I finally dedicated myself to the Spanish for 6 years without going to the English, but in 2014 I decided to go to an English convention. It's true for the first time while I walked in getting to my seat I heard a little sister being interviewed, she said "in the new world" referring to paradise many times & in the talks as well, sounded very illuminati. That first day made me feel like I didn't belong there. It was a strange. That was the beginning for me.

  • scratchme1010

    So to those who have attended foreign language meetings or have been part of that field, what have been your experiences? And did you find that they aided or prevented you from being "de-brainwashed"?

    None in particular. Aside from the cultural differences in the people who speak a language other than English (the language in which all that JW crap was invented), nothing really.

    The tactic and practices are WT guidelines and rules. They are the same all across. I'm not sure that a foreign language changes anything in that respect.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Novicelocs14, what a coincidence!I was also in the Portuguese foreign language group, Northeastern US.

    I know some folks that moved down south and continued with the Portuguese groups.

    I didn't struggle with the language as I also speak Spanish and there are many similarities.

    Anyhow, while I immersed myself in learning the language and really trying to grow in my spirituality, serving as a ministerial servant in the congregation is what really woke me up.

    I saw politics as part of the reason why decisions were made. I couldn't stand the hypocrisy that brought!

    That led me to question things and become curious enough to research online.

    I was also pioneering at the time. I gave up all the "privileges" and became "inactive" fairly quickly.

    Don't remember the last time I attended a meeting. The last memorial was probably 3 years ago I think.

    Best decision I have made and I haven't looked back.

    I do believe that that being part of a foreign language group made my fade much easier and quicker and gave me more time to think and clear my head of JW brainwashing.

  • tor1500


    I never took up a foreign language in the org. but what I notice it is a good way to hide or fade. It's when you have exhausted the area but still need validation you go to learn another language. A few of the friends have done it and they have more Jw's in the congregation then who they are targeting. Many have been at it for years, a congregation is formed of mostly witnesses.

    Again, it is a good way to fade.....good idea.


  • Skepsis

    In my case, I'm serving in a foreign language congregation and I'm fading. I think in some respects is harder, at least in my personal experience.

    Being in a small foreign language congretation makes you have more parts, more responsibilities and you are easily noticed if you start missing meetings. Plus, in those kind of congregations tend to be more zealous elders and pioneers who are always telling you to go in field service with them.

    But it's different if you're new in that congregation and you're moving to fade. In that case, you can tell the elders you need your time to adapt to the language.

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