So I bought a Harold Camping book.

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  • schnell

    I found this at Goodwill along with Volume 2 of the Mahabharata. Call me eclectic.

    I first learned about Camping in 2011, when I saw his ridiculous billboard on I-8 in San Diego about the world ending that December. I eventually looked him up and learned that he'd made a few such predictions by that time.

    The title of this book is hilarious for anyone living today. It might be even funnier for someone born on September 15, 1994. Because that's the day that Camping predicted the end of history.

    Camping made these predictions under the following familiar assumptions:

    • The Bible is the inspired and inerrant word of God
    • Science is subordinate to the Bible
    • Let scripture interpret scripture
    • Stuff about Daniel and Revelation and Ezekiel and a day for a year and other reinterpretations.

    All too familiar, right?

    In his conclusion, Camping reiterated his prediction for September 15, 1994 and added that as thorough as he was, he may well have missed something. He probably hadn't, but maybe there was something...

    I think I know what it is, Harold. I think a lot of us have known for a while.

    Could it be, Harold, that every one of those assumptions is incorrect?

    Could it be that the Bible is an anthology written by disparate men across hundreds of years and edited and canonized later?

    Could it be that science, then, is NOT subordinate to the Bible at all and that assuming such actually violates the scientific method? Could it be that we benefit more from science than we ever did from the Bible?

    Could it be that scripture CANNOT always interpret scripture because that would assume a uniform context which the Bible, an anthology written by disparate men over hundreds of years in varying sociopolitical environments, does not have? Could it be that letting scripture interpret scripture makes you a fool and a false prophet?

    Could it be that Daniel and Revelation and Ezekiel are a lot of malarkey? Seriously, look at the predictions Ezekiel makes for Tyre and consider what actually happened to Tyre. Look at the record that people have for trying to read these supposed prophecies into their own times. Failed prediction after failed prediction after failed prediction.

    There are more than enough Harold Campings in the world. I don't have to wish them well, as they get more than enough from their followers. But mankind has predicted the second coming of Christ and the end of days in their time for 20 centuries now. I don't anticipate that it'll completely stop, but 20 centuries of this is enough.

  • Finkelstein

    Using the end of the world prophecies written in the bible and actual events today has been endeavored by not only the Watchtower Corporation but many other charlatans with the intent to attract attention to their published literature.

    This is where the term Fear Mongering comes into play. . $$$

  • Finkelstein

    Its worthy to note that Harold Camping and his Family Ministries drew in a huge amount of money through the sales of his books and radio station, all that money is still in the hands of his predecessor.

    They live well of those proceeds $$$

    In spite of his many false predictions or prophecies, none of that money is legally refundable back to the original donators, they gave it mostly so his ministry could continue in preaching and spreading this vitally important message to all mankind as true preachers of the Gospel word.

    Sound familiar ? there is another religoius publishing house that says its preaching the True Gospel to all mankind as well through its own published goods.

  • schnell

    There was at least one suicide due to the failure of Camping's 2011 prediction. Many people gave their life savings to his company, and got what in return?

    I agree, Finkelstein. As I woke up, I noticed Jehovah's witnesses make a lot of the same arguments in certain topics as "Christendom". I expected a bit more distinction, and there is that in some regards, but how do I differentiate between one end-of-days crackpot and another when they're both citing the same things? Likewise for creationism.

  • Finkelstein

    Interesting as it is most of these end of the world code breakers, signs of the times preachers had literature that they were publishing themselves, going well back into the mid 1800's with William Miller.

    This preacher started much of the Advent Christian movement in America, which also influenced the theological activity of C T Russell.

  • schnell

    Oh yes, Russell's days with the Second Adventist movement are well documented and admitted. Jehovah's witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists, in terms of evolution, are Millerites.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I didn't know that Camping used 'day for a year' and that type of calculation. Is he still alive?

  • schnell

    Camping died in December of 2013. I am due to make corrections for accuracy's sake, and I apologize for not doing so sooner. My mistake.

    Camping predicted Judgment Day for September 6, 1994. I previously wrote September 15.

    Camping later predicted the world would end on October 21, 2011. I previously wrote December of 2011.

    Camping discusses a day for a year on page 451 of "1994?", and endorses the idea as scriptural. Don't they all.

    By the way. Just in case it wasn't at all obvious for anyone, I didn't send any money to Family Ministry or Family Radio. The book was $1.99 at a second hand thrift store. It probably cost too much.

  • poppers

    Finkelstein, good posts. (BTW, I think you meant "successors" instead of "predecessors"; sorry, it's the teacher in me).

  • Finkelstein

    Your right poppers, serves me right for watching TV while on the computer

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