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  • ShirleyW

    This laptop of mine will be a month old this week, I don't even know how many help desk calls I've made for certain things, but today, as the same thing happened just two weeks ago they ran the cleaner and Malwarebytes and Lord know what else. So every two weeks is this what I have to look forward with the new laptop? I know they say to be careful of the sites you go to, which are the same sites I went to on the old nine year old laptopthat runs the almost outdated Vista, never had to call in just about every other week for that one, btw, it's WIndows 10 and mostly use Firefox on the new one.

  • cappytan

    Try switching to Chrome (more secure) and install an ad blocker browser extension.

    That will protect you from most of the malicious ads out there.

    Never download an app or program from a source you don't trust.

    I know most websites make most of their money off of ads, but to me the risk isn't worth it. I selectively whitelist certain reputable sites I find useful (like this one). However, 99% of my browsing on my desktop or laptop is ad free.

  • sowhatnow

    poor you, lol, Id be ready to toss the thing at the salesperson who sold it to me.

    This is why I got me a mac book. ran perfect right out of the box. easy, no virus, nothing changes, minimal updates. well, that might sadly change these days.

    try finding someone who knows macs, lol, mine is 6 yrs old and running slow. I know not a soul that has a mac.

    good luck, but if its only a month old and you have a warranty, or can exchange it, you might want to, sometimes they just screw up.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    What he said ....

    You didnt say what the problem was btw. What do the scans pick up that is causing you grief? Like you rightly think, a new laptop should not be doing this unless you spend all your time trying to download pirated software from dodgy sites.

  • Finkelstein

    For piece of mind you could use a free Anti-Virus software such AVG.

    Its what I've been using for a few years now with no problems.

    It has a inter-net protection scanner built into it as well.

    You can also download another free software called Ad-blockplus for Firefox which you can get in Firefox's Add-ons options

    Here's a Link for AVG free Anti-virus

  • talesin

    Even though they *say* Windows Defender works, it SUCKS. So get a better anti-virus (AVG is my choice, too).

    And what Cappy said - Chrome + AdBlocker will get rid of the ads. Some sites won't let you access, but you can decide to allow site-by-site if you choose.

  • NeverKnew

    I work in an IT department and we use Microsoft products.

    I own a Mac. If you can afford it?... I'd go with the Mac. I haven't spoken to a customer service rep since 2008... when my stupid windows-based laptop died.

  • Simon

    Windows Defender is a joke. You may as well turn it off for the protection it gives - I've seen machines with viruses and Defender happy to report that all is well. All it does is consume system resources - MS did work on it for a while but then lost interest and it's becoming less and less effective. Windows as a whole is still a mess when it comes to viruses.

    Either never install anything other than well known top-tier apps, use a virtual machine as a safeguard or imaging so you can roll back a compromised machine or switch to Apple.

    Once a machine is compromised I believe you should consider it dead and in need of a complete re-install of the OS (not too difficult) unless it's something incredibly minor. Windows has so many hooks that it's often very difficult to remove an infection.

  • ShirleyW
    Question about AVG, I have Norton on my computer, are they compatible or is like having McAfee and Norton, you don't need both.
  • Finkelstein

    You don't really need both, Norton has been known to use a lot of computer resources to operate within Windows.

    You could remove Norton and try AVG for awhile and see how things operate with AVG.

    I'm an ex Norton user myself.

    Laptops are usually not as strong or quick as high end desktops so going to AVG might help you a little there.

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