Why did Jehovah choose false prophet apostates as his chosen earthly organization (1919) ?

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  • WokenfromJWcult

    There have been so many "end times" religions that most people now just ignore them, simply by so many groups claim they have the only "key" to the kingdom. In reality they are delusional and the JW,s are at the top of the heap of these groups. They talk to their followers in 3rd grade language and boast or toot their own horn as if they were superior. Lett is perfect example of talking down to his people. When they show their colored illustrations of paradise, it reminds me of a kindergarten student showing off his coloring book and seeking grownup approval of something childish. I think that most people that fall for this religion are not very well educated and can be manipulated by seemingly knowledgeable leaders, who in effect are wolves in sheep's clothing.

  • Rocketman123

    Its been over 100 years since 1919 when the top leader of the JWS (J Rutherford) proclaimed that he and his followers were god's chosen ones because of his accurate bible interpretations and their preaching Christ has returned, end times doctrine.

    Ironically the JWS organization has now clearly defined itself as a truly " false religion " which this organization for decades proclaimed to all other religions christian or otherwise .

  • waton
    in effect are wolves in sheep's clothing.


    actually wolves are benign compared to wt sheppards. the latter have A 100% fleece, shear and kill rate.

    Harvesting the estates of widows, who still need to sustain themselves for 54 more years, according to David Splanes formula.

  • Rocketman123

    Just to simplify things a little the JWS religion was created by devious, lying and corrupt leaders/directors of a religious publishing organization the WTS.

    True Christianity by adherence to the bible was not in their original intent.

    Lets get those numbers up brothers and sisters Jah is reviewing are dedication and loyalty!

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