Watchtower State

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    The host speaker announced, "There is a black man here, we can't have this , take him out"

    This isn't altogether surprising. Saudi Arabia officially stopped slavery in 1962, after pressure from the international community. The Arabs had been buying sub-Saharan slaves well before whitey even set foot on the continent.

    Just let that sink in ... officially stopped slavery in 1962. It may still go on unofficially.

    Some Saudi citizens (c. 10%?) are Afro-Arab, i.e. they're of mixed heritage. A derogatory term for black people in Arabic is 'abd'. This means servant or slave (e.g. the name Abdullah means 'servant of Allah'). Abd is used as an insult in Sudan, I believe, towards Sudanese of dark complexion.

  • Vidiot

    nelim - "...suppose JWs would be the only religion what would such a society look like?"

    You're obviously new.

    I've said many times that if the WTS were given control of a small country tomorrow... within a decade, free speech and freedom of religion would be nonexistent, any form of alternative sexual expression would be outlawed, creationism would be mandated in schools, science and medicine would grind to a standstill, disfellowshipped individuals would be imprisoned or deported, and "apostates" would sentenced to death without possibility of appeal or reprieve.

    Now, picture a regime like that encompassing the entire planet.


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