Using personal car for their "service" is getting worn out

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Question: An individual (non-JW, let's say) loans a car to a JW family member, to drive for a year. Car is intended to be used for basic transportation needs. The non-JW gets car back, only to find that it's basically been driven into the ground, racking up countless miles being used for d2d preaching, and shuttling other JWs around. Besides the driver...or lendee, of the car, is there anyone else who should answer for this? Could it be that a JW, wanting to make a good impression & appear "spiritually strong," succumb to pressure from a zealous elder, to use their car d2d?

    Again...I'm certain that I've read somewhere, in a leaked BOE letter, or maybe one of the many books, that the elders direct the preaching activities, in a pretty authoritarian manner. If anyone knows where to find such guidance, in print, please post, or PM me.

    Thank you!

  • steve2

    This may seem like an unempathic response but I found myself wondering who in their right mind would loan their vehicle to another person for an entire year without strict conditions on when and how it will be used and reparation? Did the owner not get an undertaking that they'd periodically inspect the vehicle? If not, why not? How would it be covered for insurance purposes if the vehicle owner is not using it but has loaned it to a third party? Under that circumstance, insurance premiums,including for third-party insurance, would be prohibitive.

    I do not want to pre-judge the owner but man, this looks like a classic case of asking to be exploited.

    It is a sobering example of lender beware. I could not under any circumstances imagine lending a vehicle of mine to a third party. The lender is simply asking to be taken advantage of if they do so.

    I hope I'm wrong and the owner has recourse to suitable reparation.

    From your OP, it sounds like the lender had absolutely no recourse. I sincerely hope they learn from this.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Let's say...close family relationship: spouses and dependents. Car in one spouse's name, yet insurance covers multiple drivers. Would be similar to the kid drag-racing the family car while dad's out on business, except with elder numbnuts in the backseat yelling "go faster...yeeeah!"

    Dad comes home from month abroad, to find bald tires and smoking exhaust. Hmm.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    If you didnt make a contract that they agreed to you have no legal case at all. You have a moral case sure, but there is no pay out on those just a reason to bitch and moan at your loss for not making a contract.

  • zeb

    Another case of jw having such a poor income they have to lean on others to provide and in my experience jw are poor at doing car maintenance.

    I knew an elder who was driving his car/tyres so badly worn the steel belts were showing through and he had a good income!

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Legal means is not being sought. Maybe a toe-to-toe, or a coming-of-age talk with the driver. It was an old car. And nobody is bitcing and moaning here. At least not me.

    Besides, who the HELL formulates a legal contract to let their kid, or spouse, drive a family car?? I can easily understand such a contract if you're lending a car to a friend, or neighbor--either express or implied. But family....really?? Are you serious?? Maybe outside the US it's typical to do so.

    Just forget the back-story for a momemt...I'm asking an entirely different question. That is whether the elders normally dictate preaching activity by car. That's really all I'm wanting to know. Young folks sometime shift the blame...just like Greg Brady dinging the old station wagon.

    I'm not looking to bring a lawsuit against anyone, no are any other affected parties. But...some young person WILL get a 'talkin' to.' 😉

  • snugglebunny

    Just recalling my dad giving away his old but serviceable Armstrong Siddley to a struggling witness family to help them to get to meetings and ministry work etc. Within a few months they'd sold it.

  • steve2

    Who formulates a contract to loan their car to their kid or spouse, you ask? Good question.

    Perhaps not so much someone who regularly checks in to monitor how the kid treats the car. Otherwise, who loans their car to their kid and ONLY checks up on them after the one-year period had passed? Someone asking for trouble.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Okay...multiple business and out of the states. Wear and tear not apparent cosmetically...though revealed during compression test, and oil analysis. Tires worn, but might have been caused by extensive weekend of drag-racing. Don't know. Again...just curious as to whether it's true that elders, or others with influence tend to "mooch" off those with wheels. That's really all I'm asking here.

    This is really turning into a John Cleese skit from Monty Python. "I would like to buy some cheeeese.."

  • darkspilver

    Sugar Shane - unfortunately it seems like you know what you want the answer to be, and so are just trying to re-word the scenario to get that answer

    As evidenced just a couple of days ago - people are becoming less religious and more secular.

    People no longer ask: "What would Jesus do?"

    Instead they ask: "What would Judge Judy do?"

    TBH, I think Judge Judy would eat the car-owner for breakfast and spit them out.

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